Saturday, 24 July 2010

Pete's New Love

This is Pete's new love.  Apparently it is going to do everything for him and every so often I catch him giving it a little stroke and muttering sweet nothings to it!!!!
A couple of weeks ago I went sailing on Dawn, a beautiful old Thames barge.  It was JP's birthday (I won't mention how old, it would be very rude!) and he spent the day running around being a bargeman.  The rest of us just laid on the deck and enjoyed the sail and the passing scenery.  The weather was absolutely perfect and we had a really great day out sailing up and down the Blackwater.  The red sails are very traditional around here and these barges look quite magnificent, especially when you get a lot them together and they are racing.   We are lucky to live here!


  1. One of my favourite sights when we get to visit Mum are the barges with those lovely sails. That is a traditional colour here too. I didn't realise that the Thames barges also had "flippers" like the old Dutch ones.

  2. Janys, I suppose they needed them for when they left the shelter of the river and entered the deeper, less sheltered water of the Thames Estuary etc. Have you bought your leathers yet? xxx

  3. Just think how low we have stooped... we even went out in the boat yesterday to a big local bike park to look them over!!! We had to go to a supermarket in the area anyway, so we just happened (????!!!) to pass by and see all these bikes parked. Lots of dust and lots of big scooter things, but only a small handful of real bikes. Big disappointment.
    But seriously, we have been making quite a few phone calls and looking more carefully at bike reviews to see what the general opinion is regarding the Nevada. And it seems to come out well from all this close scrutiny.
    But as usual... one result depends on another one, and until the car is sold we can't make a move. Don't want to pay the garage for bike and car... and we want to pass the insurance from the car over to the bike.

    I don't know quite how deep my pot of patience is, but I have a feeling that the supplies are getting low!

  4. Good tools are well worth the money spent on them.

    That saw looks the business!

  5. Tim, I absolutely knew that you would come down on Pete's side!!!!!!!

    Janys, I'll keep my fingers crossed for you with selling the car, let's hope it's gone quickly.

  6. Wow Fran, I'd love that piece of de Walt kit too! What a beautiful machine! I have a confession to make, in fact. I just love good power tools!

    What a beautiful sight those old Thames barges are. Just love the red sails. We have them on our old barges here too.

    By the way, Mo asked me to thank you for visiting her blog so regularly. She's really sorry, but for some reason she can't leave comments on other peoples. There's some glitch in the system that lets her get as far as the word verification, but no further. Anyhow, she does read them and enjoy them!

  7. Val- If you and Koos come to visit I am sure Pete will let you give the bench saw a hug and if you are really good he might let you play with it!!!!! Thanks for the message from Mo, say hi for me and that I enjoy reading her blog too. x

  8. Hi Fran!! I loved the beach cottages too....It's a great luck to live by the sea! You must enjoy it very much xx