Saturday, 17 July 2010


No pictures today, just thought I would let you know what we have been up to.  The new windows and doors have gone in and very nice they look too.  After all these years of putting up with a draughty old house, we have finally got new windows, just to put the house up for sale!  Pete is outside, up a ladder and doing all the 'making good'.  He is also doing the guttering, fascia boards, barge boards etc.  I have to say that today he is a real grumpy old man!  He really is not enjoying being dragged away from working on the barge and his face and language prove it!  I do appreciate that I am very lucky that he is so capable, so I just try to placate him with endless cups of tea and food!
I have a problem with the fact that I am double booked tonight!  It is a friend's 50th birthday and he is having a huge garden party, hog roast, the works (not good for a veggie!).  Also it is the Sailing Club's annual gooseberry pie competition and I am a judge (not good for the waistline!) along with family bbq.  One starts at 3.00pm and the other at 7.00pm so I am going to try to get both of them in.   Did you ever see the Christmas edition of the Vicar of Dibley, where she ate five Christmas dinners?  I think I am going to feel a bit like that later!!!!!


  1. Come on Fran, we know you can do it. It's in the contract. Thought we might get some piccies of the new windys or at least Peat up a ladder swearing.


  2. Thanks Billy, Pete might need some help rolling me home later (from the food, not the booze)!!!!!! Hard to get a picture of Pete swearing and, if I videoed it, the administrators of blogspot might ban me forever!

  3. Haha Fran, at least I hope you enjoy all that food! Good luck with selling your house when it happens!Being a veggie is not always convenient is it? i have the same problems at times!

  4. Fran... I would happily take over a couple of those appointments!!! What's a waistline? And I have to admit to not being a veggie, so could cope reasonably well with my conscience! And really Pete is just grumpy because of the football outcome I bet.
    Check out my profile Fran - you can get hold of me now.
    Hugs to all (if I can get my arms around you after all that food!!!)

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