Monday, 23 May 2016

What A Difference A Week Makes

So my son got himself a lodger and that meant we had to empty their spare room of all our stuff.  It was quite a daunting task, yet exciting to rediscover lost treasures.  I have sold quite a bit though, I mean who needs three electric coffee making machines!  This is what the wheelhouse looked like last week.....

And here it is now .....

There is still quite a bit of work to do.  Obviously a wheelhouse needs a steering wheel and navigational instruments and installing hydraulic steering is our next big expense.  But for the time being at least it is cosy and comfortable.  We have been living mostly below deck, so it is lovely to be able to sit up here, watch the changing landscape and the walkers on the sea wall.  It is so nice just to be able to come home from work and chill.


  1. Hello Fran
    Good to see that you are all ship shape and Bristol fashion, after having rearranged your belongings :)
    You know the helms-person does't actually need to be on the bridge. For they could be below deck getting orders from the Con via a voice tube - navy style er' h'm :-)

  2. I think this must be a wonderful place to chill, Fran. I would so much love to have a nice wheelhouse to sit in! Yours looks very cosy and just lovely now!

  3. One coffemachine upstairs , one downstairs and one for spare.
    Problem solved.
    Looks really Cosy after tidying up !

  4. Mel - I think the tube idea is great, I could order my cup of tea from the wheelhouse, fab!!! Xxx

    Val - I hope you will be sitting there very soon and chatting! The sofabeds are also where you will be sleeping xxx

    Ib - don't give me any ideas, Pete says I have too much stuff!! Xxx

  5. A lovely space Fran - seems full of light yet cosy! x

  6. Jane - thank you, it is full of such wonderful light which is a real novelty after living below decks for so long. The beauty is that because we are not overlooked there is no need for curtains so we can enjoy the rising and setting sun too xxx

  7. That's quite a transformation, Fran. It looks so inviting x

  8. I have lots of stuff stored in the airplane hangar. I haven't looked at it since 2008, but it all seemed so important at the time to save. It's not in the way, so there it stays. Once you get the barge operational will you take it cruising? - Margy

  9. Oh we have a habit of accumulating too much stuff, don't we? I can just image the views from your wheel house. "Views from our wheel house", sounds like a good idea for a post. I would certainly love to seeing the sea, the seawall and the village, or whatever surrounds you. When the barge is operational are you planning on moving it to a different area? I'm sure the expense of fuel, won't make it a touring boat, but then what do I know . . . not much at all, LOL.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Your blogging sister,
    Connie :)

  10. Pensive Pensioner - thank you, I am trying to make it somewhere that friends can relax xxxx

    Margy and Connie, we do plan on moving when we retire, although it will have to be the bigger canals in Europe we are too big for the canals in the UK. Connie, I will take some pictures for you xxx