Sunday, 1 May 2016

Galleys, Kids, Boots and A Special Friend

It has been all hands to the deck round here.  At the beginning of the month my son announced that he had a lodger moving in.  It makes sense as young couples always could do with some extra help with paying the mortgage.  However, it also meant that we had to clear the spare room where all our worldly possessions were stored and that meant getting the galley finished (no pressure for Pete then!).  Anyway, it is almost done and we have started stowing away our belongings.  It is like Christmas unpacking all the boxes. I cannot wait to start entertaining properly in my beautiful, dream (not quite finished) kitchen.  So here is a preview of work so far.

When I became a vegan, I took the conscious decision to use up/wear out all my non vegan stuff.  I love boots, especially Dr Marten boots and I was thrilled to find out that they made a vegan range.  I have held on until I actually needed some boots and when I did get to that point I was straight on to eBay.  So here are my beautiful new-to-me boots (actually new to anyone).  Is it normal to love a pair of boots so much?

Working less means I have a lot more time to help out with looking after the grandchildren.  They are so much fun, but boy are they hard work.  What with kids and moving boxes around I am definitely feeling my age!  Here are a couple of pictures of my other two favourite grandchildren.

I had the great pleasure a couple of weeks ago of meeting a fabulous blogging friend , Val from River Girl blog (  We have been chatting for about nine years but have only just met for real (anyone would think that Rotterdam was on the other side of the world!).  She was just as lovely in real life as I knew she would be and we chatted away for hours like old friends.  I now cannot wait to meet up again soon.

Speak soon people.  Enjoy the bank holiday weekend xxx


  1. Oh Fran, it was so very good to meet you too! What a lovely day that was But starting at the top, your galley is gorgeous. What a lovely home you have now. All worth the wait, I'm sur. And unpacking those boxes must have been fun! Things you'd forgotten you had, I'm sure! I'm going to look up these vegan boots too. I didn't know you could get them. I don't wear leather for the same reason, so I'm going to look for some too!

  2. Val - haha, I think we are both aging hippies!!! Or perhaps Bohemian is a more tactful word!!! Xxx

  3. Coming along nicely. That is the beauty of a barge rather than a narrow boat, so much more room.

  4. Your small ship (barge) is looking very homely Fran and is it now completely renovated ?

    I imagine that yourself and Val had a good old natter and put the world to rights too. Am hoping that one day some blogging friend or other will make it across the Irish Sea, well I live in hopes you know :)

    Ah'h Doc Martens ! What is it about this particular brand of footwear
    that attracts you women because even Mrs H is mad keen to get a pair. I mean they are not particularly attractive are they, so is it comfort ?

    Oh and A Happy May Day to you and yours.

  5. DC - there is no way I could have fitted all our belongings in on a narrowboat, the thought sends shivers down my spine!!! Xxx

    Mel - there is still quite a bit to do. Wardrobe doors, finish painting the kitchen, handles on lockers, stairwell and the list goes on (and on). I am trying to talk Pete into Ireland for our summer camping trip. Do you know if we can bring the dog or does he have to be passported? Are you calling my boots ugly!!! Tell Jane to look on eBay as they are considerably cheaper. I think the appeal is our inner hippy and they certainly hark back to my teenage years ;) xxxx

  6. Hi Fran,

    We took the collies to Eire on the ferry without doggy passport.

  7. Billy - thanks Bill. Will we see you later for a drink in club, think we are both going to need one after shifting all these boxes!!!

  8. I never said your boots were ugly did I (?) I do think that they are a bit militaristic though.
    Jane said the trouble is she likes to try footwear on first.

    Re Dogs to Ireland it is best if you check with the Ferry company first because I think the rules have recently changed - all dogs in Ireland have to micro chipped.


  9. Lots of lovely photos, especially of your grandchildren and you and friend Val. The kitchen is coming along great, it must be exciting now that it's nearly finished.
    I like the boots! I am keen on the idea of vegan boots and shoes but haven't looked into it for a while. Your boots make me think that I must do so again. I'm sure the choice improves all the time.

  10. You have so many more options than we do with the weight and size of things. You barge is turning out just picture perfect. - Margy

  11. Love the boots! And the good to see the renovations are coming along too.

  12. Mel - I was just kidding, I will check on the latest rules re dogs xxx

    Wendy - there are lots of vegan boots on the market now, thankfully it is a growing trend xxx

    Margy - thank you, trouble is more space, more hoarding! Xxx

    Jane - thank you. I did actually try the boots on elsewhere before ordering from eBay, just to check for size. I have been caught out like that before! Xxx

  13. The galley is looking really good now. It has been great to have photos of each stage to look at.

    I used to have Doc Marten shoes and loved them. I wore them until they had fallen apart completely.

    I enjoy seeing your grandchildren too : )

  14. Your gallery is loooking wonderful it must be great to have everything coming together now and unpack your things that have sat in boxes for so long. It must have been fantastic to meet your dear blogging friend which you have mentioned in previous posts. Sarah x