Saturday, 6 February 2016

Finished! (Well Almost)

Here are the cupboards (lockers) that Pete has been working on.  Just the architrave to go now, but I think he is going to do that when he does the rest of the galley.  The eagle-eyed amongst you will notice that the knobs have numbers on. This is so that when Pete says "where is......?" I can say cupboard number three, I am so good to him!!!  Actually, I love quirky things and all the door knobs throughout the boat are different and a bit whacky - a bit like me!

Only one more week, seven more wake ups, until I cut down from this ridiculous workload, I cannot wait!  Unfortunately my mum has been in hospital for the last two weeks.  She is going to have a new valve put in her heart on Wednesday.  She is in Basildon Hospital's Cardiac Unit, which is one of the best in the country and who have looked after my Dad so well on several occasions in the past, so we are very confident.  Cutting back on my workload has come at just the right time to give me the time to help look after my mum when she gets out of hospital.  Things always happen for a reason.  Speak soon everyone xxx


  1. I love it that your door knobs are all different, Fran! These cupboards are really lovely, and Pete is doing a fabulous job as always. I'll be cheering with you the day you stop this job. All the very best to your lovely mum, dear xxx

  2. Less working hours will do you good. I cut back before eventually finishing, did me so much good. Hope all goes well for your mum.

  3. Pete has produced a neat joinery job those cupboards are a tribute to his skills.
    I must say that numbering your cupboards is a novel idea, it may well catch on; providing of course the user can remember where they have put the stuff in the first place :)

  4. Hello Fran - the cupboards look great and so do the door knobs! I love small, quirky, unique details; they really make something special. Hope all is well with your mum. I know the cardiac unit at Basildon and my family couldn't fault our experience of care there x

  5. Hi Fran, your Pete is an artist . . . those cabinets are marvelous and I love the quirky knots. Those knots add that special tough that brings in so much character to your wonderful home on the water.
    I will put your Mom in my prayers.
    Connie :)

  6. Val - I really am counting the hours until I stop now, teaching in a school is definitely a young persons game. Plus I really don't know how the senior leaders get away with speaking to professional staff the way they do and in front of the kids! Thanks for you good wishes xxx

    Mel - Of course I remember where I put everything, things just move on their own afterwards as if by magic! I think you would approve of Pete's carpentry skills if you could inspect them up close. Do you save bits of wood like Pete does? If he finds a bit of mahogany he thinks he is in seventh heaven!xxx

    Wendy - Basildon is wonderful isn't it? At the moment she is in Broomfield but is looking forward to the move to Basildon as the food is so much better there! Xxx

    Connie - bless you and thank you. Pete is rather clever (even if I am a little biased) you and he would make a good team. Mind you, you are part of a good team anyway, so I will hang on to Pete for myself! Xxxx

  7. Yes Fran, I do save a lot of odds and ends. Which get some strange frowns from herself. Then something in the studio goes awry and I produce from my scrap a fix and all is well again - I do though have to tell the good woman "Is'n't it as well that I put that aside ? "