Saturday, 20 February 2016


My life for the three weeks before half term has been - get up - go to work early to keep up with everything, work, leave work bang on time, one hour drive to hospital, sit with mum for a while, one hour drive home, eat, sleep, repeat!  Thank heavens for Pete cooking a meal every night that I can eat as soon as I walk in the door, whatever time of night.  Mum had her heart operation on Thursday and is now on the road to recovery.  She is out of intensive care and into the high dependency ward, so all good.  Everyone at the hospital has been amazing, from the porters to the consultants.  And yes,  Jeremy Hunt, she has had seven-day-a-week care during the last five weeks.  I wonder if he's worked such long shifts every day including the weekends?  My thoughts about that man are just not printable

Anyway, Pete has been getting on with the kitchen fitting.  He has taken down a bulkhead and opened up the whole galley area.  Spot the difference.

He has started the first cupboard which will house the ironing board (which I never use) the vacuum (which I reluctantly use) and cleaning stuff ( mainly used when people are visiting).  Goodness that makes me sound terrible, I am honestly not that slovenly!

The other units will be under the worktops which will run each side of the cooker.  The 'hole' in this one is for the microwave. Eventually the table and chairs will live down here and the sofas etc will be in the wheelhouse.   I cannot wait for it to be finished so that I can finally unpack all my kitchen stuff that has been in storage for the last few years.  Next week I go back to work but only Mondays and Fridays, so once mum is out of hospital I will have more time for my much neglected allotment, healthy cooking, grandchildren and all the things I love (oh and some housework of course) xxx


  1. What a strain for you, Fran. I'm so glad your mum is on the mend though and that you will be working less. At some point, life has to slow down! Much love xxxx

  2. Fran you have been having a very stressful time these last few months and I trust that you have been taking extra vitamins to help you cope ?
    Great that Pete is so adaptable and able to cook as well as being a proficient chippy - he must be worth his weight in gold !
    Take care of yourselves okay.

  3. It is amazing though, what we can do when we have too. Always helps having a handy DB!

  4. Oh my goodness Fran, what a schedule you have been keeping. That's enough to certainly use up your total supply of energy and then some. I'm happy to hear that Pete is doing the cooking and taking such good care of you on he's side. You are a very good daughter, that trip has got to drain you each day. I'm very glad to hear that you Mom is doing well and on the mend.
    Now your kitchen, it is going to be wonderful. I know that you are really wanting it done, it is hard to live in construction day in and day out, but Pete is doing such a marvelous job of it. When it is done you are going to have the sweetest home on the waterfront. Something to enjoy and to be very proud of.
    God bless you both and Mom, too.
    Have a great weekend.
    Connie :)

  5. Goodness me Fran you have been busy. I think we run on adrenalin at such busy times and its only when we slow down or stop do we realise just how tired we are. Pleased to hear your Mum is on the mend and that she has had the best of care, they certainly deserve the best dont they? Thank goodness for handy husbands, what would we do without them! Take care of yourself xxx

  6. Val - I cannot wait for life to slow down a touch! I just want to stay in bed for a day at the moment xxx

    Mel - I have taken extra supplements as I don't always eat properly during the day :(. I think Pete has proved that he is a keeper, mind you we have been together 20 years! Xxx

    DC - it always amazes me the strength of the human body when necessary and yes a good partner at your side is wonderful xxx

    Connie - I don't ever moan about the mess but it can be tough with all the sawdust! Pete always clears up at the end of a day's work so that we can relax in peace. Thank you for your lovely words xxx

    Karen - thank you, our parents do deserve the best having given so much of themselves to us. I can't wait to have a day with nothing planned xxx

  7. I'm so pleased your mum is getting better, Fran. It is draining being in that situation and as you say, the drive to Basildon and back takes so much out of the day. But it all sounds good and Pete's getting on so well with the kitchen x