Saturday, 23 January 2016

Happy Birthday Jessica

This little beauty was one on Thursday and we are going to her birthday party today.  I cannot believe that the last year has gone so fast, it only seems a couple of weeks ago that she was a newborn in my arms.  She was so excited on her birthday, laughing and clapping her hands in delight at all her presents.  Jessica is walking and talking already, such a little sweetheart 😍


  1. Ah, ain't she sweet! Walking already eh, bet she enjoys herself.

  2. The babes don't be long in growing do they ?

    Just hope Granny stays sober :)

  3. She is beautiful, but you didn't need me to tell you that :)
    Her daddy looks so much in love . . . you can easily see that she has stolen his heart.

  4. Oh what a poppet, Fran. They grow so fast and become little people very quickly don't they? Happy one'th birthday, Jessica! xxx

  5. they grow up so fast. I have two grands due May/June

  6. What a poppet : )
    Just lovely!

  7. DC - thank you - she is such fun! X
    Mel - good job really! Unfortunately no alcohol sold at Jungle Adventure :( x
    Connie - she certainly can watch nod her daddy round her little finger X
    Val - I can't believe where this year has gone! X
    Gill - congratulations! Christmas is getting even more expensive for you too! X
    Jo - thank you, I think so too ;) x