Monday, 18 January 2016

Happy New Year!

I know, I know, that is really late and I have definitely been absent without leave for far too long.  Believe it or not, I have really missed you guys.
I have been working full time in Pupil Referral Unit, which is a school for children that cannot attend mainstream school for various reasons such as behavioural problems or health issues.  Teaching in a school is certainly not an easy way to make a living and my hat goes out to all you teachers who have been doing it for a long time. The actual teaching bit is great, but it is all the rubbish that goes along with it that means long, long hours and having to give up a semblance of a normal life!  Anyway to cut a long story short, after a dispute with management as they piled the work on (I went from teaching one GCSE subject to four!) I handed in my notice.  There is something else in the pipeline, but the main thing is that from half term I will have my life back!
So what news is there here?  Well, Pete managed to complete the wheelhouse so that the entire family could come for Christmas dinner.  Thirteen of us sat down, it was a bit chaotic but great fun.  Having young children around again certainly makes Christmas extra special, it was so lovely.

There is still more to do in the wheelhouse, such as installing a steering wheel, but it is such an amazing space, I absolutely love it! The table won't be staying here, it will go below decks, but for the time being I am enjoying the novelty of sitting at a table to eat and having somewhere for people to visit that doesn't mean sitting on each other's laps if there is more than four people!

My youngest grandchildren are both a year old this week, where does the time go?  All three grandchildren are a constant source of joy and I love being a grandmother.  The exciting news is that grandchild number four is due in June and Scarlett will be a big sister 😀

Here is Pete's latest task - building a very large cupboard under the decks.  This is will be part of the galley and is being built as we need to put everything away for the next big job.  I am not going to tell you about that one as I would like to do a big reveal, but suffice to say it means taking down a bulkhead and creating LOTS of dust!


Okay, it is now 0545 and I have to get up to go to work (I leave home at 0630 and am in work about 0700), such loooooong days.  Bear with me for the next four weeks please and then I will be back more regularly and get time to catch up with all your blogs too.  Take care xxx


  1. O so glad to see you back in the blogging world Fran and to read about what has been happening in your world.

    Must have been very trying indeed to have been subjected to bad behaviour from a management like them and it sounds as if they have been learning from their pupils ?

    Shall now wait patiently for your return xxx

  2. Great to have you back. No job is worth all that hassle!

  3. Oh Fran, it's lovely to have you here again. I know I see you on WOB, but it isn't the same. Blogging is still the best. I feel I have lost real touch with so many friends now I only see them on FB. That's sad about the job becoming too much, but I'm glad you will get your life back soon!! The wheehouse is fabulous! Well done, Pete!

  4. Happy New Year!

    The wheelhouse looks fabulous. Sorry to hear about the negative turn at work, but you have a good outcome now which is exiting.

  5. Hi Fran, First of all . . . It Is Great To Have You Back! I have been worried that something had happen to one of you. I am always amazed by Pete's craftsmanship. The ceiling in the wheelhouse is gorgeous and those cabinets are perfection. Sorry to hear about your heavy workload, it will be great to have you back blogging again, you have been missed.
    Your blogging sister,
    Connie :)

  6. Happy new year to you too! I'm glad you are ok and sorry to hear of the trouble at work. Hopefully the next job will work out better. Great news about another grandchild : )

  7. Thank you so much everyone - I have missed you all and your lovely comments confirms that I need to get back to blogging regularly ASAP! Xxxx

  8. Hello Fran,
    I’m new to your blog and am intrigued by the title of the blog. I presume you’re on the Clyde but can’t tell from the picture just where. Our daughter lives in Largs with her family and a couple of time when we’ve visited we’ve walked the canal from the Bowling end and from Glasgow and of course from Falkirk Wheel. We did at one time think of moving our boat to Bowling to be nearer to our daughter but time passed and it didn’t happen.
    Glad to hear that you had the energy to quit a job that was making your life difficult, so all the best for whatever you decide to do in the future. Your wheelhouse looks fantastic by the way!

  9. Hi Carol, lovely to meet you. Bonnie of Clyde came from the fact that the barge spent a lot of its working life transporting torpedoes up and down the Clyde. When we bought the barge she was moored at Gare Loch Head (hence the picture). We transported her down to where we are now moored in Tollesbury, Essex, so probably as far away from Scotland as you can get! The barge has changed considerably from the original picture. Sorry to disappoint you, the name is my husband's clever (he thinks!) play on words. Am off to your blog later for a nosey around xxxx

  10. I was just thinking about you and your barge today, and there you were. The wheelhouse looks so nicely finished and festive. I enjoy hearing about all of the renovations. - Margy

  11. Hi Fran and Family !
    What did I say long time ago ? I said You will be ready-build
    before me and what I see, Your soon have completed the works.
    It looks awsome ! Compliments ! Nice Job Pete !!
    Don´t forget a Happy New Year to You All.

  12. Margy - great to hear from you and thank you xxx

    Ib - thanks, still quite a long way to go! Xxx