Thursday, 22 August 2013

Leaving One's Mark

Well, the boats have been moved today. Carpe Diem is now back on her old mooring, half way up the creek and Bonnie has been pulled round the corner waiting for the final trip to her permanent mooring tomorrow.  The two boats have been in the same place for the last two and a half years and when the tide went out we saw that they had definitely left their mark.  In fact, Carpe Diem has left behind a swimming pool!


  1. Wow, Carpe Diem's hull shape sure is visible. Rather interesting souvenir for you to have.
    I guess life is going to be different for you for a while until you get used to the changes. Best of luck!

  2. Amazing! I wonder how long that hull-shaped trench will last! Good luck with all the moving, Fran! xx

  3. Things really are moving now, how exciting. Hope it all goes well.

  4. Looks like a nice comforatble mud berth, but I bet it was hell on anti-foul. We had a 2m fin keel and couldn't safely attempt anything like that. Is she fully afloat all states on her permanent mooring? Hope you are enjoying your new 'address'. regards TM

  5. Kay - life is different but in a great way, I have my bed, a washing machine and a freezer. Heaven! Xxx

    Val - thank you, I am going to watch to see how long it takes for the mud to take over xxx

    Jo - thank you, life is not only fast moving, but exhausting right now xxx

    TM - the yacht isn't afloat all the time, but that is the beauty of the nice soft mud we have round here, she will soon dig another hole. The new address is lovely and peaceful xxx