Sunday, 14 July 2013

The King's Head

The King's Head is situated on the edge of the village square and is traditionally the seafarers pub.  In the past Tollesbury had six pubs but they have gradually disappeared, with The Hope being knocked down a couple of years ago :(  but the King's Head is a lovely village pub with good beer and friendly landlords.  I tend to use the sailing club these days but occasionally I venture up to the village and enjoy a bevy with my boys as it is more their local now.  Last year Sam Rigby was asked to restore the pub sign.  While it was down he put up a spoof sign showing Bradley Wiggins sitting on a throne which created quite a lot of interest in the local media, we even had the BBC covering the story!  When it was time for good old Henry Vlll to take back his rightful place, the Bradley sign was sold at auction which was staged in the car park of the King's Head.  It raised £350 for the Essex air ambulance (£3500 was raised in total that day).  Here are the two signs, which do you prefer?  Perhaps Bradley should have stayed or perhaps we should have Andy Murray up there now!


  1. Henry VIII isn't anyone's favourite king (not that I know of, anyway) but I think he should stay, if the vote of one non-drinking Canadian counts.
    Wonderful that the other sign raised money for such a good cause.

  2. Hello, Fran, I like Henry, too!
    That tavern is beautiful, I would enter and expect William Shakespeare to be sitting at the bar :)
    Come get your name in the hat for my give-a-way :)
    Have a lovely week.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  3. Good old Henry the Eighth I say from a time when Ale was safer to drink than the water in London - perhaps its the same today ?
    Am afraid that I am totally ignorant of who or what be a Bradley Wiggins or an
    Andy Murray ?

  4. It looks like a marvellous traditional English hostelry, Fran. I'm savouring these posts of yours now as travel guides for when I eventually get to visit you there in Tollesbury! xx

  5. I'd quite like to see old Henry as a young man-he didn't look too bad then. Still it's an iconic image.

    I don't mind Bradley. It would be novel.

    Sft x