Tuesday, 23 July 2013


The yard has asked us to move the barge on to its permanent mooring and put Carpe Diem against the other quayside, so that at some time in the future (!) they can repair the wall (don't ask, I am not happy).  This is so inconvenient, we will not be alongside the barge anymore, so Pete can forget cups of tea and bacon sandwiches they will be cold before I get them to him! Seriously, we live between the two boats and now we will be back to having everything on the yacht, I thought we were moving forwards not backwards. It also makes it more difficult as everything for the barge will have to be carried along a towpath.  Bearing this in mind, we quickly bought a wood burner and washing machine to load on the barge before we move.  Here are a couple of pictures of the wood burner being craned on.

Oh, and here is a picture of my new toy.  It is super efficient with fuel, costs £20 a year tax, no congestion charge if I go in to London and cheaper to buy new than many second hand cars.  What with the compost toilet, wood burner, solar panels to come just call me the Eco-queen!!!!


  1. Bit of a bind that having to move the barge! Do you have a generator on board to power
    up Pete's tools ?

    I only wish our car tax was that low :(

  2. Will the crane reach to your new site if necessary? Thanks for the good wishes for J. and S. Can't see me going mad shopping, not something I normally do and absolutely hate!!

  3. Oh Fran, what a bind! How far are you from being ready? Can you make sandwiches and tea on board at all? Will you have any electricity there? Isn't it annoying when harbour masters tell you to do something that isn't convenient :-( That aside, the woodburner flying through the air looks amazing! And so does your new car. I can't make out what it is, but it looks very cute. Why is it so cheap to tax?

  4. I'm sorry to hear about this, it does sound as though it'll be very inconvenient for you. But wonderful to hear about your eco-living. The woodburner arriving by air is extraordinary, I won't complain about lugging our purchases the short distance from a vehicle to the house anymore!

  5. I agree with Wendy. Not that I shop much, but the distance from the car to the house is negligible, and I can only imagine requiring a crane if we decide to have the big trees cut down.
    Cold tea won't be too bad for Pete as long as it's summer, but frozen tea and sandwiches might be hard to chew, come winter.

  6. Hi Fran, oh I am so sorry to hear this. It sounds like everything is going to get a little harder. Does it look like you may be moved into the barge before cold weather this year? Poor Pete, I feel bad for him.

    On the other hand, your new car is great! It does sound like you're in the running for Eco-queen. Now, you need a crown :)
    Stay happy, don't let this get you down. Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  7. Mel - we do actually have shore power on the mooring, although we hope to generate a lot of our own power with wind generators, solar power etc x
    DC - no unfortunately the crane will not reach that far which is why we are trying to get all the heavy stuff on now xxx
    Val - we will have shore power. The harbourmasters certainly have you over a barrel, as the common answer if you complain is 'well go elsewhere'. The car is a Vauxhall Agila which is very eco friendly with fuel consumption and emissions which is what makes the tax so cheap. It's great fun to drive xxx
    Wendy and Kay - we have since had a flying washing machine, fridge freezer and dishwasher. Perhaps I should send the pictures to the makers for them to use in their advertising! Xxx
    Connie - you are so sweet, thank you for your concern. I like the idea of a crown, but I am now hoping that our first grandchild (due in October) is a girl as she would be perfect for our new little Prince George! Xxx