Sunday, 23 June 2013

The Day After The Night Before!

Well the rain held off yesterday, but it was cold and windy. That just meant we all had to play a bit harder! Pete worked yesterday morning and then joined us later in the afternoon. We partied until fairly late, so today he is knackered!! I have just taken this picture (three o clock in the afternoon) of him gently snoring away the last hour. As you can see Alfie was also partying last night!


  1. So good of Alfie to help Pete with his nap.

  2. It must have been a good night.

  3. I just hope that Pete posts up a photo of you in a similar position young woman!

  4. I love seeing Alfie's head curled up on his knees. What a lovely photo! So glad you had a good time, Fran!

  5. Kay - I don't know who was more shattered!!! Xxx

    Jo - it was, I had a nap too but luckily wasn't caught on camera! Xxx

    Mel - luckily even if Pete took a snap of me asleep he is a bit of a technophobe so wouldn't be able to blog it! Xxx

    Val - they do look cute and comfortable. It is a normal position for them both! Xxx

  6. It does look as if they both had a good night. You are lucky Pete ia a bit of a trchnophobe. I wouldn't get away with doing that!
    Sarah x

  7. I can almost hear him snoring :)
    I love this photo, Pete and his dog. How sweet is that.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Connie :)

  8. Sarah - he'll never know thank goodness! Xxx

    Connie - yep he was snoring but gently not like other times when it sounds like an express is running through the boat! X