Tuesday, 28 May 2013

What a Difference a Day Makes

Yesterday I took Alfie for a walk in glorious sunshine. Today it is chucking it down with rain! I took these photos of the lane near the allotment. For those of you who watched the recent Great Expectations with Ray Winston, this is what Tollesbury countryside and marshes really look like! Quintessentially English, wouldn't you say?


  1. Lovely countryside with a good crop of rape seed in bloom and that alone brightens up the fields.
    Am glad to see that Alfie is a dog, I thought it might have been a horse and then I thought of the difficulties you would have getting him on board : ) !

  2. I think places look so different when they're bathed in sunshine. It's raining here again too, I do hope we get a summer this year, we're due a good one I think.

  3. The little lane is lovely. You gave me a new word, chucking. I figured it out on my own though. - Margy


  4. Hi Fran, You are funny, LOL. Thank you for visiting. We love hearing from you.
    Your barge looks so cool! Now that's what I call a boat.

  5. It looks beautiful in all its spring clothing, Fran! In fact, erm, it looks rather like our countryside here! I hope you're having a nice day today. It's lovely here!

  6. Great photos. We have had lovely weather lately and I have been outside walking almost daily. The fragrant flower smells are overpowering at the moment. Honeysuckle is my absolute favorite.

  7. Mel - the yellow all around certainly cheers up the cold weather that we are still enduring. Sun might know its summer but the wind doesn't!

    Margy - glad to keep on educating you! Xxx

    Steve - but a lot of work as you well know! Xxx

    Val - okay, quintiessentially Northern European!! Xxx

    Diane - honeysuckle is one of my favourites too and at the allotment I grow a variety that you can eat the fruits xxx