Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Let There Be Light!

It's amazing how the little things that you have done without for so long can delight you. All the ceiling spotlights are now in and Pete rigged up the power so that they can be turned on by the light switch. Click and you have light, click and they go off! No more plugging leads in to extension plugs. Technology is wonderful! Another development is the installation of the cooker hood. It looks great, now all we have to do is install the cooker and that is another story....


  1. Looking good Fran and you'll soon be giving your man a mixed grill on that cooker!

  2. I always think that's the best thing about any renovation project, that when you go right back to nothing ANYTHING is a delightful and appreciated step forward.

    It really does make you appreciate what you have all over again.

    The cooker hood before the cooker!! I've never done it that way around though...lol.

  3. Looking good. Out of curiosity, does the hood also have a light?

  4. All these jobs are coming together now, you'll even be able to cook soon.

  5. Mel - I do a mean grilled aubergine! xxx

    Sue - you are right, it is a shame that you quickly take it all for granted again. I am sure there is method in Pete's madness! xxx

    DC - Thank you. There is a light, it is an all singing and dancing version. Actually we got it from ebay at considerably less than we would have paid in the shops xxx

  6. Will that be the combination stove that includes heater and water heater? - Margy