Monday, 7 May 2012


The rain has certainly been persistent the last couple of weeks and still we are not allowed to use a hosepipe! I had to make a trip to the allotment as the kitchen waste was beginning to smell, especially as I collect everyone's waste. Some of the allotment was underwater to the extent that I am investigating hydro agriculture! The raised beds were okay and what was in them was thriving. However so were the triffids! Let's hope for a drier week so that I can get up there with the strimmer and some cardboard and carpet.


  1. Love your list of goals.

    Lots to achieve. I too want to have tea at the Ritz!

    I hope the rain stops and you can attack the allotment soon.

    Sft x

  2. OK, here's another word I don't know. I looked it up and it seems to mean a very bad mythical plant. Is that a British term for big, bad weeds? My garden is just starting even though I planted it in March. Too much cool, wet weather. - Margy

  3. I'm gladd someone is getting the rain. We haven't gotten much in the past 6 weeks and our garden is sure showing the lack.

  4. Like my friend Margy in BC, I had to look up triffid. What a wonderful word for invasive weeds! I think I'll try to remember it.
    We've been getting some rain lately, although today is a beautiful day, and our lawn is looking better than it ever has.

  5. Sft - I have always wanted to have tea at the Ritz and my son actually bought us a voucher for Xmas which we are going to use in the summer. So that's one dream coming true xxx
    Margy and Kay - read The Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham - fantastic book about killer weeds! Xxx
    Diana's - I would gladly send you some rain. It hasn't stopped for weeks xxx