Sunday, 13 May 2012

Summer is Coming

The sun is shining, all the hatches are open and the washing is drying outside. We have rhubarb and cabbage from the allotment for lunch. Yep, it finally feels like summer could be coming (touch wood, fingers and toes crossed etc etc!!!)


Something Horse said...

hey Fran

Its so nice to have long summer days ahead of us. We have inherited a rhubarb plant and I have been wondering if we can eat it without adding a lot of sugar, which we have given up while on diet.

saving for travel said...

I bl**dy hope so Fran! We deserve a bit of sunshine in Essex!

Sft x

Fran said...

Sammi-What about using Truvia (or something like) It is from the Stevia plant, is entirely natural and has no calories. I have found you need to use about half the amount you would have sugar, as it is very sweet but a very good substitute without all the nasties x
SFT- Wasn't today glorious, let's hope it carries on x

Something Horse said...

Thanks Fran, I'll have to look into it,the zero calories sounds good!!