Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Mast off - Season Finished

This is Moana, the boat that Pete sailed at the weekend.  Today Mouse took her out of the water, took the mast off and laid her up in the Sailing Club car park.  When the car park is full of yachts that's when I know that summer is definitely over.   Still, we have the Laying Up Supper to look forward to in a couple of weeks.  Will have to dig out the posh frock!


  1. What a beautiful boat!

    I expect it gets quiet after Laying Up! Or does the community continue?

    Sft x

  2. In my young days removing the mast was known as 'Un-steppping the mast' The bottom of the mast sits in a housing called The Tabernacle. Here endeth the lesson for today :)

  3. I guess we are lucky that we can leave our boats in the water all year just in case there is a nice day without much wind. Yes, we power boaters hope for no wind. I just love smooth water. - Margy

  4. What a lovely photo, Fran, and a lovely boat too. I take it Carpe Diem is staying in the water for the winter...joking! That being saidI know from experience it's a lot colder on board when you're out of the water than in :) xx

  5. Sft - the community continues, albeit quieter without the summer tourists!
    Mel - I will post a picture of our tabernacle, it was built by a friend and is a work of art!
    Margy - Actually I quite like sailing without too much wind!
    Val - Thank you, I am not the best photographer so my shots are a bit hit and miss!