Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Everyday Life on the Boat

Diane asked for some more posts about living on the boat, so here we go.  One thing I had to give up when we moved on to the boat was the tumble drier.  It sounds mad, but I only ever tumbled dried anything that needed ironing.  I made sure that things got the minimum amount of drying and then took them out and hung them straight up.  That way I never ever did any ironing, my most hated chore in the world.  Over the years I have conditioned all my boys (and hubby) that if they bought something that needed ironing after tumbling, then they ironed it themselves!  I used to wash every single day when we lived in the house, but now I do two wash loads a week.  I don't quite know how that has worked out as we are still wearing clean clothes and don't smell (as far as I know!).  A lot of my washing I do at work, but sometimes when I am off work I have to use the washing machine at the house.  Pete put this line up for me and it turned out to be the most expensive washing line in the world.  The actual line and pegs I had in the shed at home and the posts were left over from the barge.  So where was the cost you ask?  Well it was the £350 drill that Pete used to put the line up and then immediately dropped in the mud below!!!!
I have now discovered that hanging some things on hangers and leaving them to blow in the wind, they also don't need ironing.  Amazing what you learn later in life!!!!


  1. When dhobeying (washing clothes) I learnt if you hang shirts out in the air without wringing out any excess water , they don't need ironing - saves a lot of energy. There is another nautical word for you Fran :)

    Was the air blue when the drill went over the side ?

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  3. Hi Fran,

    More info about life on board please!

    Yes, we must live close by if you know tiptree. What a small world. Thanks for joining my blog!

    Sft x

  4. To be precise 'No' and to be less than exact and may be similar to you but not the same. My work brought me into extremely close contact for many years - an enigmatic answer from me and as close as I can get :) :)

  5. I totally agree with your no-ironing policy and my 2 boys have ironed all their own stuff since they were in high scholl. They're both going off to university soon and we are really going to be rattling around without them!!

  6. I make it a policy to be right there when my dryer stops, to pull out anything that might wrinkle. Right now I'm 'way behind on my laundry and it looks overwhelming.
    Always interested to hear about life on the boat.
    — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  7. Oh Fran, you need an award! LOL... I would be loss with out a dryer, but that is only because I hate ironing and drying takes away my wrinkles, wish it would take away the wrinkles on my face too!

  8. Mel - have deleted my last comment for obvious reasons! Work would have been horrified advertising like that!
    SFT - more to come and Tiptree is just 3 miles away from us, so very close.
    Sami and Jo - you will soon appreciate the benefits of them moving out - food stays in the fridge, you always have toilet role etc etc!!! But wish them luck from me on their new adventure.
    Kay - I am glad I am not the only one! Things like towels, sheets etc that didn't need ironing went on the line.
    Average girl - I think my wrinkles are beyond the drier and even the iron!

  9. Sounds like fun! Have a fabulous weekend ahead, Kellie xx

  10. Fran, I'm with you all the way there. I've lived on a boat for 11 years now, and can still count the amount of ironing I've done in that time on two hands. I've always hated it, and on board there's so little room for superfluous things like ironing boards! I don't have a dryer either. I just let things dry outside as much as possible, fold them carefully and stack them high! That way, everything gets 'pressed' :)

  11. Val - when I first met Pete he insisted that his work T-shirts needed ironing, soon put him right on that one! Now, like you, I pile them high and press them to perfection!x

  12. I am with you on the ironing. Haven't really done any in years and years. When the weather is right we hang alot of our clothes to dry. It was very humid all summer which made the clothes take all day to dry and still be somewhat damp. Now that we are in to Fall it works a little better. I am thrilled that you think my life is fascinating while I think it is very dull. I think living on the boat would be very interesting and different from my life. Plus living in a country other than America is very fascinating to me for someone who has never traveled abroad. Thanks for writing a requested post. Have a great weekend.