Wednesday, 23 March 2011

The Saloon and Alfie (for Eek)

Here is the starboard side of the saloon and Alfie making himself at home!  The post in the foreground is a grab rail.  One thing Pete insisted on when he built the yacht, was lots of grab rails to prevent any nasty falls.  He has this thing about modern plastic boats never having enough grab rails inside.

Here is the port side.  As you can see, all mod cons (ie TV and radio!)  This is where I tend to relax, all tucked up behind the table.  It is a great place to be when you are at sea in choppy conditions, as there is no way you can fall out the bunk.  We can sit eight comfortably in the saloon, but have been known to have more.  The inside of the yacht is all wood, which is wonderful as it keeps the boat warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  As it is real wood, when it gets scratched, we just rub it down and revarnish, which is one of my jobs when the weather improves.  Coming next, heads and forepeak.......


  1. Looks real cosy Fran. I like the idea of the grab poles too...good idea (whenever I will get the chance to implement that is a mystery of course!)

  2. I think it looks really cosy too - Aw Alfie - spaniel with sea legs!!!

    I miss having a dog!!! Such fab companions!!!