Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Greenhouse and Beds

Here is my lovely Dad finishing my greenhouse for me.  It certainly was not an easy job and, although I have never heard my Dad swear, I am sure there were a few choice words said under his breath!!!  Pete is going to do the base on Friday and then I can start to use it.  I also now have eight new raised beds, lined out with newspaper, then cardboard and manure.  I have asked the boys to get me two tonne of top soil and barrow it down to the allotment for me for Mother's Day.  They think I am round the bend, but I would rather have that than some pretty flowers that will die! 
The yacht is now upright and seems to be okay.  I have been staying on it with Alfie and we are having a great time.  Only thing is, he has become very protective and will not let anyone onto the boat when I am here without Pete.  Still it is nice to feel so protected.  When I go to work, he goes to the house and stays with Emily who doesn't start work until the afternoon.  He has certainly taken a shine to her.  At the weekend, when there is a bit more light, I will take some pictures of the inside of the yacht, so that you can see how cosy it is.


  1. OOo look forward to it- can we have pics of Alfie as well???

  2. Next the base!!!(?)

    Ooh, I'm so jealous.

  3. It's looking great! I cannot wait to see how everything turns out! Have a lovely weekend, Kellie xx

  4. What did you end up having to do to straighten up the yacht ?

    Bill Kelleher