Thursday, 24 March 2011

Happy Birthday!!!

Here is my favourite eldest son and his lovely girlfriend Lucie.  Today is Phil's 28th Birthday.  Unfortunately he has to work, but he is coming over tomorrow to spend the afternoon with his mum, before I'm sure he goes out and has a 'proper' celebration.  I am very proud of the wonderful, kind considerate man that he is and I wish him a very Happy Birthday and every happiness with Lucie xxx


  1. Happy Birthday Phil!!!!
    and fond memories to you Fran of the little boy that was! He looks like a real heart stopper...very good looking young man!

  2. Thank you Janys, he is rather good looking even if I am rather biased! It doesn't seem like two ticks since he was a little boy. Where does the time go? Have a good weekend xxx

  3. Just for a second I read that as "even happiness with Lucie"! lol

    p.s. My son's 28th is tomorrow.