Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Look What He's Done !

This morning I went to work without a care in the world, but look what I came home to!  A few weeks ago the kitchen collapsed due to a long standing leak under the cabinets, so this had to be done.  However, I didn't expect it to be quite so drastic!  The floor has got to be replaced and then the entire kitchen.  I did ask what we were going to have for dinner, but Pete had already been to the chip shop at lunchtime so I popped up to the chip van for a portion of chips and a curry sauce.  Not good for my waistline or purse!  Tomorrow we are going out kitchen shopping, if we cannot get one on ebay first.  Watch this space! 


  1. Hi Fran, so you can go out for dinner the coming week, sounds nice to me!! and after that cook in a wonderfull brandnew kitchen, you are a lucky lady!!

  2. A little post birthday let down? lol! It will be nice when it's done. In the meantime-- you will be forced to eat out for dinner. You will just have to endure it! :-)

  3. Hi Yvonne and Sue Ellen, it will be hard work having to eat out every night and not do any cooking, but I am sure I can tough it out!!!!!