Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Snow stops play!

Okay, so here comes the snow again and the temperature has dropped. Work on forepeak has temporarily stopped. We have decided over the last couple of days that the head height in the bedroom is fine for me and Pete, so therefore we will not be raising the roof here! This means that we can get on with the bedroom until the weather improves enough to take the rest of the roof off. So Pete is playing with his needle gun again. Mind you, I have already done most of it with a hammer and chisel!

Some more pictures of Anita C. As you can see, she is totally opposite to the minimalism of the Shirecliffe. There are some more lovely pictures and an interesting article about Anita C at


  1. Fran... that is all out of this world... although having a 128 foot barge helps I guess! Fabulous absolutely fabulous!

  2. I have an Indian sari cushion cover, do you think I'm on the way to achieving the look!!!!!

  3. I must admit to having a great weakness for ethnic bits and pieces which I have added to my own home in between the Ikea specials! But my stuff is nothing compared to this amazing Aladdin's cave. Wouldn't want to have to do the dusting for them though!