Saturday, 6 February 2010


I spend quite a lot of my evenings looking at barges for sale on the web (television is so rubbishy, not worth watching!). I am always looking for inspiration and good ideas. I thought I would share these pictures that have something I just like or want to copy.

For example, look at the beautiful decks on Swarte Schaep. The wood has taken on such glorious colours. You can tell that this is a well loved boat.
I like these glass doors at the rear of Kismet. I can just imagine looking out over the marshes on a lovely sunny evening, watching the sun go down. (

This mirror is over the bath on Anita C. The whole boat has a wonderfully colourful theme running thoughout with some lovely original touches and some beautiful indian wall hangings. Worth having a look. (


  1. Hey... join the gang! Where I live the tv is probably worse than yours, so I am another one who spends a fair bit of time trekking around all the barge sales online. I agree that it is a great way to gain inspiration, but I have to say that I envy those who are already in a position to put some of that inspiration into practice.
    I foresee a very long wait for us, but hopefully we will be able to know something about a mooring over the next couple of months which will be a big step forward.
    Take a look at too, and go through the pages

  2. Nice to hear from you Janys. We actually used Fikkers when we were going over the Holland looking at barges. I agree with you it's a good site, lots of lovely pictures to steal ideas from! Let us know when you get your mooring, I know its the hardest first step.