Monday, 8 February 2010

More Inspiration!

We have been busy all weekend, but there are only so many pictures of the new hatchways that I can show you. So next week I will post the pictures of the newly painted office. But for now here are some pictures of the Humber Keel, Shirecliffe, which was recently sold. I love this barge and intend to blatently copy some of the features such as gardenia paint with the wood, rayburn, retro fridge etc. But where is all their stuff?!!!!


  1. I fell in love with this one as soon as I saw it for the first time... the only negative point to my mind is the limited natural light but the actual decor is gorgeous and simple but tasteful.

    Don't know if you like traditional or modern, but I also loved the site too which offers a very modern alternative...

  2. Lovely.

    Plenty of ideas there for us all I should think.

  3. Janys, I loved the images on Although I am more of a tradtionalist (mainly because of the amount of junk I own!) I can appreciate the beauty of the space and clean modern lines of that new barge. I did really like the settees and would love something similar in our wheelhouse. Where are you planning on keeping your barge when you get it?
    Tim, you're actually one that we are pinching ideas off!

  4. The hope is to keep it somewhere in the Venetian lagoon - even better in the area where we have been living for the past 25 years... the island of Giudecca which we both love. A bit of a tall order I suspect, but we should be able to get in our official application by the end of this month.
    Just some technical details and bureaucracy have been holding us up...and then the waiting game begins! But one of the major pieces of the puzzle revolves around selling our house, and with the current crisis, we foresee a long wait!

  5. Hi Janys, I will keep my fingers crossed with the mooring, looked at the area on the internet and it looks wonderful. We are in the same situation with the house selling, that is why we bought a barge that needed so much work, as it was all we could afford. Mind you, even if we had the money we probably still would have got Bonnie as we just fell in love as soon as we boarded her!! The good thing is I get what I want rather than what we have inherited from previous owners!