Wednesday, 28 January 2015

What Are We Up To?

It has been a while since I posted about progress on the barge.  At the moment Pete is trying to complete my office in the forepeak.  I have been working from home and need lots of space for my teaching resources.  I am currently teaching care home staff and some private 11+ tuition. I am also teaching in a pupil referral unit (a school for kids generally excluded from school) which, although it is hard, I absolutely love it and it is so rewarding.  But all this does mean a fair amount of preparation and marking and so I need space!  
There are so many things that still need doing around the barge, that Pete has now decided to start at the front of the boat and work backwards, completing each room in turn.  I will post pictures as each area comes together.
Also in the spring Pete hopes to work on the yacht, Carpe Diem, which has been neglected for a couple of years and looks a bit sorry for itself.  We are hoping to sell it this year and perhaps buy something smaller and that needs less maintenance.  It will be a wrench to let her go but it is time for someone else to love her and have fun like we have done.


  1. Update pictures will be great. Glad you are enjoying your new roles.x

  2. Hello Fran,

    Well, you have certainly been busy and still have many plans and, no doubt, much hard work ahead. But, it will be good to be able to work from home and the barge will make a wonderful retreat after teaching days with challenging children.

    The yacht is very impressive but, we are sure, represents a huge amount of work and expense. Yes, it would be good to have more free time in order to enjoy what you like the most.....sailing!

  3. I enjoy your updates on the work on the boat. I didn't realise you still had a yacht as well. How lovely! Are you working full-time or part-time?

  4. DC - I hope to get some update photos posted soon and thank you, life is good at the moment :) xxx

    Jane & Lance - the barge is certainly my retreat, I just love being at home. You are absolutely right, a smaller, more manageable yacht will enable us to spend more time sailing xxx

    Jo - the yacht has been a bit neglected but has done us proud over the years. I am working some weeks full time, some part time but I will have all the school holidays off :) xxx

  5. It does sound as if you are busy. I am so glad you are enjoying the work you are now doing and you are finding it so rewarding too! Sarah x

  6. catching up with what's been happening. Congrats on the new grand kids, always a blessing. Looking forward to seeing the photos inside of the barge.

    Gill in Canada

  7. Wayne says no more boats, which is music to my ears. Over the last three years we sold two, gave one away (that just wouldn't sell and we didn't want the maintenance costs), bought a 22' metal boat to get up the lake, a 24' barge to carry our quads, and repowered a 24' Bayliner rather than sell it and buy a replacement. - Margy