Sunday, 25 January 2015


I have three boys and very handsome young men they are too!  For a long time I was a single mother, the sole wage earner and a university student at the same time.  I am a strong woman who can do most things I put my mind to.  I have always had left wing, feminist tendencies and I actively campaign against injustice to people and animals.  I believe in equality for all and embrace diversity. Education is the cornerstone of a civilised world and should be a basic right for everyone.  I have taught my sons that their partners are just that;  their equal partners whose ideas and values should always be respected.   I am not a girlie girl, I am happier in jeans with no make up on.  I think that spending fortunes on lotions and potions and brand names is a complete waste of money.  So why, why, why at the first opportunity do I go out and buy all the pink I can find for my granddaughters!!!!


  1. So cute and gorgeous! Pink, mmm I am like you in my fashion sense, but maybe you went for pink, as the truth is there is not much other choices really in between, its yellow and that's well...So why not pink! :)

  2. Must admit that when DS was a baby I tried to dress him in green, yellow and blue. Difficult isn't it!

  3. Because she looks so utterly gorgeous in it!

  4. There are so many darling pink dresses and outfits and our granddaughters look so sweet in them!

  5. Hi Fran regardless of what you consciously 'think'. Pink must be in your sub-consciousness :)

  6. The shops are full of pink for girls and blue for boys. Us old feminists have failed to change it, so we might as well go with the flow. All my granddaughter wants to wear is her pink 'princess' dress.

  7. Congratulations Grandma!
    : )

    Those are beautiful photos and your son looks so proud with his little daughter.

  8. You give them the option to choose their own way. I'm like you, I'm happiest in jeans and haven't used any makeup in decades. I feel so fake doing it. - Margy

  9. That is a great question, but when the love bug bites, there is no turning back. Dress them in frills now and then in a couple of years start buying them jeans and tee shirts (pink of course) LOL.
    Isn't it so much fun being a Grandma :)

  10. Shaheen - why not indeed! Xxx

    DC - most of the choice is pink or blue now at baby stage xxx

    Freda - thank you, they both do, don't they xxx

    Mel - you mean I really am a pink princess underneath it all!! Xxx

    Chickpea - you are right, even lemon seems to be out of fashion xxx

    Jo - thank you, I think he is rather taken with his daughter! Xxx

    Margy - I am the same. I also like to be comfortable and not have to worry about tittervating myself! Xxx

    Connie - that is a great idea! Jeans and tee shirts are so much more practical xxx