Saturday, 22 February 2014


Okay, so it's not a wardrobe - but there is a huge amount of wasted space under the stairs.  One thing that is guaranteed when you live on a boat - there is never enough storage space, so you have to make use of every available inch (or centimeter for you foreigners!).  Pete is in the throws of creating a wonderful cupboard, complete with shelving to store stuff.  The vacuum cleaner will live under there, along with things like the dehydrator that we don't use every day.  The area goes under the deck and under the stairs.  The door will be under the deck, to the side of the stairs, which means the other side of the stairs needs blocking off (is this making any sense).  Rather than a blank wall, he is going to make a bookshelf out of it.  Some of my cookery books will live here.  I say some, as I actually have a few too many, but I enjoy reading them before I cook the beans on toast.  Here are some pictures of the job half done and I will post some more later of the finished article.


Val Poore said...

What a craftsman he is, Fran. You will laugh when you read about my attempts at carpentry on the Vereeniging. My methods are not half as professional :-) The pics are lovely! Is Pete making the doors as well?

Dc said...

Can't beat having a hubby who knows about DIY and yes, you are correct regarding storage. When we used to take boating holidays, every available inch of space was utilized.

Connie said...

Pete is such a smart and handy man. It is so wise to take every inch into consideration. Even a very small space when proper shelves are constructed can add tons of storage. If anyone is looking for ideas for packing more storage into their homes, all they have to do is tour a boat or a caravan. The people who build them are experts of creating nooks and crannies for storage :) I'm looking forward to seeing these completed. I have to say, that their is a wee bit of jealousy that rears up in me, when I think of living on a barge. Especially when it is moored in the harbor of an English village :)
Have a marvelous day.
Your blogging sister, Connie :)
Your blogging sister, Connie :)

Fran said...

Val - I gave just finished your new book and you have gone up even further in my admiration. I wouldn't even have attempted to do half the things you did. I loved the book and now can't wait for the next one - perhaps Dutch Ways - more about those wonderful characters? Oh and yes Pete will be making the doors xxx

DC - I still stand and watch Pete working, because I really do love the craftsman in him xxx

Connie - so is your Steve :). I think you have to come visit, but I envy your beautiful kitchen and yard! Xxx

Jo said...

You're certainly making every inch count. It's so handy when you have a man who can do, can you imagine what all this work would cost if you had to get someone in?

Fran said...

Jo - the cost doesn't bear thinking about, it's bad enough with Pete doing all the work! xxx