Friday, 7 February 2014

I'm Back (Well Hopefully!)

My negotiations with BT ended badly, in that I haven't got a phone line and broadband.  That company really is a major rip off and its administration is a complete shambles.  Having told me that they wanted over £1000 to install a line and me telling them where to go, they then rung a week later asking why I had cancelled the direct debit!  No line - no pay! Now, I hold mostly socialist ideas, but this is one company that really needs to have the monopoly when it comes to installing phone lines broken, so that they become more competitive and a lot less complacent about its customers, either that or taken in to public ownership so that it really works for the public and not for its shareholders.  Rant over!  I have upgraded my iPad and have been told that 4G is heading our way soon, however the internet signal is still very intermittent so I will just have to make the best of it.

What have we been up to... Well this winter has definitely been the winter of high tides (and rain).  We had the 'surge' (the highest tide for 60 years) which was certainly interesting and, thankfully for Tollesbury, did not result in any serious damage.  But since then we have had a lot of seriously high tides and on one we lost a newly delivered load of logs, which just floated off our platform.  The platform was supposedly built above the highest spring tide level, but this year's tides put paid to that theory!  At least our home goes up and down, which makes us luckier than a lot of unfortunate people in the western counties.

Pete is currently working on getting the bathroom finished.  We had the basics, but now he is decorating and making it 'pretty' as well as functional.  He has just built a little cupboard for towels, toiletries, toilet rolls etc.  Today he is going to finish that off, put in a window, finish the painting, tile the splashback etc.

He has also been putting shelving in to his 'man cave'.  All he needs now is a comfy chair and a still and he would be a very happy and contented man!

I couldn't sign off this post without posting an up to date picture of our darling granddaughter.  She is at the stage where the world is funny and she spends most of her day smiling and giggling.  She has just started trying to talk (I love the scribble talk stage) and is making some wonderful sounds.  I keep trying with the nannan word but I bet her first word is still dada.  

Now I am off to the unfinished wheelhouse, to stand in the cold (probably having to stand on one leg with my hand rubbing my head) to try to get a signal to post this!!!!  Be back soon xxxx


  1. I agree about BT, I switched from them many moons ago, their customer service is non existent. I hope you get everything sorted out very soon. It looks like you're cracking on with those jobs, I think your bathroom must be bigger than mine as I have no room at all for a cupboard. What a little cutie your grandaughter is, they're so lovely at that age.

  2. What a little cutie pie! Personally, we have had no problems with BT but are land based, don't know if that makes a difference. Boat coming along nicely. What is that Huge Domains advert, smack in the middle of your blog, makes it a little difficult to read.

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about all of your troubles. If you want, we would be delighted if you sent your rain this way :) Wouldn't that be nice, if we could do that.
    It's great to see you back on-line and hopefully it will be a permanent thing soon. Just know that you were missed. As for your little granddaughter, well, she is a cutie pie . . . I know that she puts the sunshine back in your life on those rainy days.
    Have a great weekend.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  4. I'm not surprised you're annoyed with BT, Fran. It sounds as though you've had really poor service. I find just trying to talk to someone is bad enough with all those automated options they offer.
    I'm glad you and Tollesbury haven't suffered too badly in the storms. Hope there are no more storms to come.
    A lovely photo of your granddaughter. She is very sweet!

  5. Oh Welcome back to land of blogging Bonny Woman! For your presence amongst us has been sorely missed.

    Am glad to know that other than the sore loss of your logs, that you have not suffered from tempests that have been and still are ravaging these islands.

  6. So glad you are back and safe, Fran! I have worried about you in these high tides and surges. Your home is looking lovely, and isn't it good that you go up and down? Sorry about the logs, though!

  7. Nice to have you back!

    Lovely picture of your granddaughter. Sorry to hear about the loss of the wood but at least you are safe. Long may that continue!

  8. Jo - thank you, it is a very little cupboard and tucked under the deck. The photo just makes it look bigger! xxx

    DC - thanks for tipping me off about that advert, I couldn't see it on the ipad. Hopefully it has gone now xxx

    Connie - you are more than welcome to the rain and the flood water that the rest of the country is being inflicted with xxx

    Wendy - I have discovered that if you press the 'cancel service' option you get through to someone immediately and in this country! Worth bearing in mind xxx

    Mel - ahhh, you are so sweet, thank you. The word tempest makes these rotten storms sound almost romantic! xxx

    Val - thank you, you are lovely too - annoying about the wood, but I really feel for those poor people who have lost their homes. We have a lot to learn from the Dutch about water xxx

    Jo - thank you, I do count our blessings with keeping safe, I hope you are okay where you are? xxx

  9. It was so good to hear from you. Sorry about you guys losing the load in the water. That had to be a bummer.When you can it would be great to see more pictures of the work you have accomplished on the boat. Your grandbaby is adorable. That is such a fun time in life when they are at this age.

  10. It's lovely to see a post from you again. I am glad you have survived the high tides and haven't had the same weather as here. It must be lovely getting more done on the boat. How frustrating it must be without a regular link to the internet. Sarah x

  11. I'd heard about the tides and flooding from a friend in Powell River who moved over from England. It is nice to be able to rise and fall with the water levels isn't it. We've been up at the cabin more so my Internet access is less frequent. I can schedule my posts ahead, but reading and commenting gets scrunched into our town trips. I guess that is a small price to pay. - Margy

  12. Great to see you back on line Fran! Men and their man caves! I need my man to move his man cave out of ear shot. He's always shouting at his computer! LOL :o)