Sunday, 1 September 2013

The Heads

I thought I would show you some pictures of the heads (or bathroom as it is known to you landlubbers!). The important bits are done, but it does need; a window, a door, plasterboard finishing off, painting, shelves for linen cupboard, doors for aforesaid cupboard, sink splashback, etc.  but apart from that its done!

Have also been cooking again.  A simple bolognese sauce using veggie mince and  veggies I had in the fridge.  I have cooked and added the pasta to it, so it really is a quick meal for work nights.  I made five portions, three frozen and two for tomorrow night.

Now I have got to go and get ready to go to a rock music festival tonight (Brownstock).  Hmmm what to wear........


  1. Thank you for showing us your loo!! I reckon a door would be handy! Ilike the black walling stuff in the shower. We went for pale shower wall and wished I had darker.

  2. I see you got one of the eco-loos. I am going to buy one for the Vereeniging too when I can figure out where to put the outlet pipe. It's the only thing that's stopping me getting one. The bathroom looks lovely. You must be so happy to have so much space now, and for cooking too! Lovely, Fran! xxx

  3. It's all coming together, I love the black shower, very stylish. I've never frozen pasta, I usually freeze the bolognese but cook the pasta to go with it fresh.

  4. Always of great interest to me is the location of the head. If there is none, I'm unlikely to go anywhere on that boat!
    Such a good idea, your make-ahead meals. Are you still working such dreadul hours?

  5. Simplesuffolkholder - not just any loo, a compost loo!! You're right a door would be really good. There are some things a girl needs privacy for! X

    Val - it is great, absolutely no smell at all. No need for a holding tank. And the sloes and rose hips round here are going to be like footballs next year! X

    Jo - thank you, I am really pleased with the shower panels, no grout to clean, simple. X

    Kay - I am working very hard at the moment due to leave and staff cut backs. I would love to retire tomorrow, or at least go to part time hours. But we have to pay for the barge first, before we give up work. X

  6. Oh Dear......
    I think You´r redy befor me.....

  7. I love to see the way you're using your space. And your meals look so well organised, must do better here!

  8. An amusing selection of topics Fran and all connected in a sewerie type way. Was that intended ?

  9. Ib - I don't think so, we are still living in a building site really xxx

    Wendy - I can assure you that it is only because of SFT's challenge and that I have new freezer (therefore a novelty) that I am so organised, it really isn't the 'normal' me! xxx

    Mel - and just what are you saying about my cooking!!! xxx

  10. What a gorgeous sink! You so deserve it Fran!

    And I admire how organised you are getting for S-I-O-September. I hope you do well and it and love using your lovely new, huge, freezer.

    Sft x

    Never heard of Brownstock!

  11. Hi Fran, I love your sink and that rain-head shower. Your faucet is gorgeous; looks like I'm not the only one getting a new faucet :)
    I see that you went with the compost toilet. Was it hard to install? You'll have to let us know what you think of it. I'm very curious about them, my daughter is thinking about getting one.
    It is so much fun seeing your barge come together . . . I must say that I have to fight back the bug to be jealous. I just think that living on a barge and always having a view of the sea . . . has got to be heaven :)
    Have a wonderful week.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)
    P.S. I hope you had fun at the rock festival.

  12. SFT'S - thank you, I love my new freezer, so it is no chore filling it! Xxx

    Connie - there we go again with the language thingy, in the UK a faucet is called a tap! We love the compost toilet. It was very easy to install (you do need power and a separate outlet for the urine). I am happy to report that it does not smell and is really easy to keep clean. We had great fun at the festival, even though we were not searched at the gates because we looked 'sensible'!!!! Xxx

  13. Wow! That is a very classy head! Ours just look like plain old boat heads. Nice work.

  14. Sehgull - that's the beauty of starting from scratch, you can ave what you like! Xxx

  15. Now that's a real head. Sink with running water, nice biffy,and even a washing machine. You are living large! - Margy