Wednesday, 18 September 2013

In the Greenhouse


My tomatoes this year took ages to ripen, but once they did, it's been hard keeping up with them.  I tried something different this year.  Instead of pinching out the side shoots, I left them to grow to the top of the stakes and then just lopped the tops off.  Easy and it worked.  I had just as good as (if not better) than the old way, and a lot less fussing.  Bring on anything that makes life easier!!


  1. Sorry but I thought that pinching out the tops was the Old Way of growing tomatoes, but as you are a wee bit younger than I, then perhaps what you know as 'the old way' is a new way to me :)

  2. We will have to try that next year it sounds much simpler!x

  3. Lots of lovely tomatoes, your plants look really healthy. I would strip some of the leaves off from around the fruits to let the sun in to ripen them. Not much sum here in Yorkshire and its really cold at the moment. My greenhouse has just abut finished for the summer but we still have beans and courgettes in the garden.

  4. Hi Fran, your tomatoes look wonderful. There is nothing as good as a vine ripen tomato.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  5. It's been a great year for tomatoes, though my outdoor ones have done much better than the ones in the greenhouse this year for some strange reason.

  6. Lovely looking tomatoes, Fran. How great to have your own greenhouse too. Wonderful!

  7. Mel - the 'old' ways are best which is why they become 'new' ways xxx

    Sarah - it was lovely and simple xxx

    Karen - thanks for the tip, I have now stripped out a lot of leaves xxx

    Connie - the smell and the taste cannot be beaten, shop tomatoes never seem to ave much taste xxx

    Jo - same with e - I had quite a few outdoor tomatoes before the greenhouse ones even began to ripen xxx

    Val - I love my greenhouse :) xxx

  8. I've been up at the cabin a lot with no Internet, so I'm way behind. My tomatoes are still quite green, but they are out in the elements and things are turning wet and cold. I picked the larger ones to bring in to ripen on the shelf. They won't taste quite as good, but better than letting them rot on the vine. I have a tip about trimming tomato plants. Just hire your local woodrat. She can mow the tops, sides and middles down in quick order. Oh, and take one bit out of every tomato that is thinking of ripening. Nasty little bugger! - Margy