Friday, 19 April 2013

Skills Swap

I have a pal, Graham, who is in his 80s and who decided a few weeks ago that it was time he joined the digital revolution. He wanted an iPad initially, but only having two fingers on his hand (!)I felt that he might find the touch screen too difficult. He mainly wanted to be able to type letters, so I talked him in to buying a laptop and printer. At first he found it extremely frustrating to learn how to use it and I spent a lot of time either with him or on the phone as a helpline. Anyway the upshot is that now he is chuffed to bits with the whole thing. He is amazed at the information that you can find, that you can send emails all over the world and that he can chat to people on line. It is lovely to see his enjoyment.
Now Graham is a carpenter and when he realised that I needed a stand for my butler sink he promptly offered to make me one. He delivered it tonight and hasn't he done a wonderful job. I am so pleased with it.
Another twist to this tale, is that Graham got the wood for this when he was helping the 'old' lady across the road (his words, not mine!) chop up wood for her log burner. I love the fact that my sink stand has been created out of three labours of love :)


  1. An absolutely well crafted piece of work, that any carpenter might well be proud of producing and even more so considering his disability.

  2. Thanks Mel. The lack of fingers is the result of three separate incidents with a circular saw. You think he would have learned a lesson after the first one. We reckon he plans on leaving this earth bit by bit! Xxxx

  3. That's absolutely beautiful. How lovely that three people have helped each other out in this way.

  4. What a lovely story, Fran! I like that idea too :-) It is a beautiful stand as well, even more remarkable for his disability.

  5. What a wonderful example of the good still in the world. I often wonder what I could give back, even if its just my time, there is always something you can do to help others. Karma is a beautiful thing x

  6. That is a great story-you both swapping skills!
    And that is a beautiful stand which you will treasure.
    How old is the old lady, if he is in his 80s!

    Sft x

  7. Hi Fran, Your sink-stand is gorgeous and I loved reading the three very different exchanges of love and friendship. With all the bad news in the media, it is heart warming to hear tales of positive kind-hearted people.
    Have a wonderful week.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  8. Jo - thank you, I think so too xxx

    Val - lack of fingers has never stopped Graham doing anything xxx

    Emma Louise - you do give back with all your helpful advice and tips xxxx

    SFT - goodness knows! My grandad used to help the nurses out at the hospital with the old 'uns when he was in his 90s! Xx

    Ib - thank you, always so lovely to hear from you xxx

    Connie - thankfully the world is still made up of decent human beings. You have a good week too xxx