Friday, 12 April 2013

Maggie's Legacy

I don't normally get political, especially on what is essentially a fun blog. But this is something that I feel strongly about. I cannot understand why Maggie Thatcher is being given a 'ceremonial' funeral. Winston Churchill deserved one. He united the country in wartime and was a great leader. Thatcher divided the country like no other leader and does not deserve all the sentimental hype that she is getting in the UK and world press. If the Tories want to give her a good send off, then they should pay for it. Not the rest of us that had to endure those years and suffer the consequences ever since. Here are my views on Maggie's legacy to the UK:

My son cannot buy his own house as he does not earn enough money. When we sell our house, he will be condemned to a life of short term letting not knowing whether he will have to move every six months as there is no longer enough social housing. This is Maggie’s legacy.

Workers’ rights have been so eroded that employers can now treat their workers as badly as they like. This is Maggie’s legacy.

Our manufacturing sector is on its knees, whereas Germany’s is thriving. Germany have one of the strongest economies in Europe. This is Maggie’s legacy.

The Public Sector is considered the root of all evil in society, to be vilified and despised at all times, despite the fact that society actually needs nurses, teachers, policemen, dustmen etc. This is Maggie’s legacy.

Whole communities were devastated due to a personal vendetta against the unions and are still struggling today. This is Maggie’s legacy.

Generations since the 80s have grown up in a society driven by rampant consumerism. A ‘must have it now’ generation who is seriously in debt. Look after oneself and greed at the expense of others, has undermined the community aspect of society, culminating in the bank crisis recently. This is Maggie’s legacy.

Amazing how one woman can make so much difference and how the rest of us have to pick up the pieces and live with the consequences. The trouble is, I think that we are destined for more of the same with this latest government and their ‘Thatcherite’ ideas. This is Maggie’s Legacy.

RIP Maggie – there are a lot of people whose lives were seriously damaged by your politics and amoral leadership and who are now trying in their own small ways, to put things right for themselves and society in general.


  1. I am from Brassed Off territory though live I Australia now. I completely agree, she was a fiend.

  2. Hi Fran, I suppose you could say I left England because of MT's policies on business and employment, but because I was in SA for most of her time in office, I didn't have to suffer under her as others did and so I do not feel the same extreme emotions that seem to have been aroused by her death. I understand what you are saying, though and agree that her policies hurt an awful lot of people as well as pushing the country into this relentless consumerism. However, I have seen the same consumerism everywhere I've been, so I'm guessing she wasn't the only political leader to encourage people to live in the credit bubble. I wonder what history will make of her and all the political leaders of her generation. I have a feeling they were all as bad as each other, headed up by the equally late Ronald Reagan.

  3. Well elucidated Fran, it is not Thatcher's death but her political policies which are still being adhered to today that have given rise to people speaking about prevailing conditions.

    It is our democratic right to speak freely.

    For more information see what Glenda Jackson has to say on You tube

  4. Interesting hear another point of view. - Margy


  5. I thougt , that she looked like a goat , that it was this that made her so popular......
    Sorry !

  6. Many of us think the money would have been far better spent on something deserving.

    WE have lost the desire to look after the most vulnerable in our society - many of whom are labelled as scroungers without knowing there circumstances. I know of people who feel worthless because of this attitude. MT creative a selfish society that maintains that if you can't ;look after yourself then tough!

  7. Apologies for the typos - I guess my fingers were too angry to concentrate

  8. Hi All, well she's been laid to rest and now it is time for people to stand up and rebel against injustice. We must not play in to the hands of the present government with their divide and rule policies and propaganda. Society needs to regain its compassion for the vulnerable. Now I will get off my soapbox! Thank you for your comments xxx