Sunday, 17 March 2013

More Food Confusion

I was looking for a recipe for Bread Pudding to veganize and I realised that once again there is real confusion about what a traditional British bread pudding is. I found so many recipes for "bread pudding" which to my mind were actually Bread and Butter puddings. Bread pudding is wonderfully dark, stodgy and packed with fruit. It is eaten by the slice and it can be served hot or cold, with cream, custard or ice cream. You can buy it in the bakers alongside the other cakes. My mum makes the most amazing bread pudding and I am drooling at the thought!

Here is the recipe that I am going to veganize, but I thought I would give it to you straight for all you non vegans to try.



8 oz bread (stale bread preferably, white or brown)
1 oz shredded suet (vegetarian please)
1 or 2 teaspoon mixed spice
3 oz soft brown natural sugar
4 oz sultanas or mixed dried fruit
1 egg (1 tablespoon flax seeds soaked in water or any other vegan alternative)


Soak the bread in water until it is soft.
Squeeze most of the water out and put the bread in a bowl.
Add the suet, spice, sugar and fruit and mix well so that the bread breaks up and mixes in. If the mixture feels too sloppy, add a tablespoon of flour.
Add the lightly beaten egg (or vegan alternative) and mix well again.
Put in a greased dish or tin and cook in the middle of the oven (350F / 180C / GM 4) for about an hour or until it is risen up in the middle and firm to the touch. If you want to make it really traditional, sprinkle sugar over the top for a bit of extra crunch.
Serve hot with cream, custard or ice cream or cold by the slice.


  1. Fran if you add a thimble full of Brandy to the recipe, you will have the most delicious bread pudding that you have ever tasted!

  2. Mel - oh yes, I am going weak kneed at the thought of that mmmmm.... Xxx

  3. I have to be honest Fran: during my time with M.O.D. (N) I used to visit a country pub on the outskirts of Peasedown St. John called The Apple Tree and the Landlords wife used to occasionally give me a portion of her Bread Pudding with a brandy flavour!

  4. You have shared some lovely recipes.

    Sft x

  5. Lovely blog!

    Thank you so much for veganising so many traditional recipes...

    Thanks for helping people to try plant-based recipes...

  6. Mel - and there was me thinking you made it yourself!

    Sft - thank you and by using stale bread it's in the spirit of frugality! X

    Kumudha - thank you, I am trying and learning all the time.

  7. Ooh perfect pudding for this kind of weather!! I think it's great you're veganising it :) Birds custard powder is vegan too so long as you use soy/coconut milk etc. thanks for sharing the recipe, I really fancy giving it a go!! Loving the food history too! X

  8. Mom and Dad (yes, he was quite the cook) never made bread pudding, but I remember each Christmas when I was a kid that they made Plum Pudding steamed in cheese cloth. I don't know if I liked it, or the hard sauce they made to go on top. I haven't had it for over forty years and can still taste it in my memory. - Margy

  9. Urban Lake - I didn't realise Birds custard was vegan, I love adding things to my list of 'can eat' again xxx

    Margy - my nan used to gather in everyone's pudding bowls in October and cook Xmas pudding for the whole family. They were delicious. These days I'm ashamed to admit we buy ours and microwave them. Still when I retire and have more time

  10. I haven't had bread pudding for years this recipe looks so good!
    Sarah x

  11. I have never tried bread pudding. But the picture looks delicious.

  12. Do you know, I've never tried bread pudding, never really fancied it. I think it's the thought of bread being a sweet pudding, just doesn't seem right somehow. I know so many people who say this is their favourite pudding though that I'm going to have to give it a try.

  13. Sarah - time to give it a go again me thinks!

    Diane - get Grace to cook you some as part of a world food day xxx

  14. Jo - you should taste it, you wouldn't know that there was bread in it when it is cooked. More like a cake xxx

  15. Your recipe is like the one we used to use. My mouth is watering now so I'll have to give it a go again : )