Monday, 4 February 2013

Happy Birthday Kerry

There is nothing like having a few connections!!! Last week was Kerry's birthday (sorry I couldn't get online last week Kerry).  Stuart surprised her with a visit to this certain address.  Unfortunately, no one was at home so Kerry couldn't tell David or George what she thought about them!  Then they went off to the football - Arsenal V Liverpool.  Kerry supports Arsenal and Stuart Liverpool.  Luckily it was a draw - so no marital discord!!!  Sorry it's late Kerry, but Happy Birthday xxx


  1. Haha Fran, it looks as if they are celebrating getting the keys to their new home! Lovely shot xxx

  2. I knew of a posh restaurant called No.10 -wonder if it's the same place :) ?

  3. Val - it is a little bit too big for them just yet!!!!
    Mel - probably not, we don't do posh!!