Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Coming to Life

I went up to the allotment today. The sun is shining and there are definite signs of life. I have rhubarb and globe artichokes, planted last year so this will be my first harvest. The fruit garden is positively blooming, along with the odd row of elephant garlic that didn't grow last year but has popped up this year. The herb garden is coming back to life. I left the celery in last year and it has turned into a cut and come again crop! And lastly the strawberry patch which I have great hopes for this year. I have a lot of clean sawdust from a chap who is renovating a wooden boat and I understand this makes a great mulch for strawberries. I haven't shown you all the weeds between the beds, but clearing them properly is the major job this year. Anyone got any old carpet?


  1. I seem to have missed a couple of posts, Fran. I love the one of Pete!! I think I would have to think twice before giving that bit of grime even so much as a peck!

    Your veggie garden looks as if it's managing quite well without too much attention this year! Well done you!

  2. All looking good so far, keep up the good and hard work. Thick sheets of cardboard is also supposed to be a good weed suppressant, especially on paths.

  3. So exciting!

    Summer is on it's way.

    Sft x

  4. You are way ahead of me. I did get everything planted in March, the the spring has been so cold (for a second year in a row) that everything is waiting it out. I was afraid my rhubarb was dead, but a few leaves were poking up when I was at the cabin a month ago. Hope it comes back. I love strawberry rhubarb pie,and I planted all new strawberries this year. - Margy

  5. Val - a quick drop kiss on the top of his head was all he got!
    Datacreata - good idea, I am going to grab some from work.
    Sft - shhh you will put off the sun!
    Margy - this spring is hot and cold, really weird weather here at the moment!