Friday, 22 July 2011

Time for a Change

I spent the day yesterday interviewing and assessing potential Physical Training Instructors for the gym at work.  They were doing all their physical assessments and I had to observe them taking a lesson.  Well, by the end of the day I certainly felt middle aged, fat and frumpy and decidely unfit!!!  The gym has state of the art equipment and I can also have a personal trainer, all for the princely sum of £10 per year.  There really is no excuse.  So now I am inspired, I am going to pay my £10 today and start on a really healthy eating programme.  Within three months you will see a new me!  Now to google 'chocolate based diets'!!!!!


  1. Good luck Fran.....I have tried this healthy eating lark, but can't keep it up, much as I'd like to. Let us know how you get on!

  2. Now this comment really got me laughing. LOL

    " Now to google 'chocolate based diets'!!!!!"

    Bill Kelleher

  3. Thanks Val - I can't eat for a couple of days now anyway (hospital tests tomorrow) so that's a good start, but who knows how long it will last afterwards!
    Bill - believe it or not there are actually are some!
    Fran x