Thursday, 28 July 2011

Courgette Salad

At the moment Pete is fibre-glassing the roof of Bonnie, so there isn't a great deal of difference to be able to show you in pictures.  It goes like this, weeks on jobs that you can't see and then a weekend painting or something and everyone says " wow, the barge is moving on!"  But it is good when you can see a significant difference.

I continue to work on the allotment and keep Pete well fed and watered (can't have the old boy collapsing when there is so much work to do!).   We are just going in to the courgette/patty pan glut, so here is one delicious way that I have found to deal with them.

Courgette Salad

Courgettes or Patty Pans
3 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp lime juice (or lemon)
1 tbsp clear honey
2 tsp mustard seeds or poppy seeds
1 crushed garlic glove

Slice the courgettes or patty pans.  Add the rest of the ingredients and mix well.  Done! 

I picked this small posy from the allotment, just to brighten up the boat.  I love freesias and they smell so beautiful.  They always remind me of when I was a young child and a bridesmaid at my Aunts' weddings.  Why is it that the freesias that you get in the supermarket do not smell?


  1. I love the radio too! What a pretty arrangement for the flowers. I would love to have an allotment, but know I wouldn't be able to care for it as I should.

  2. The recipe is yummy too! I shall try it out myself!

  3. I miss my squash from the garden this year. But when I have too much I complain too. I just can't be pleased I guess. - Margy

  4. Val - the radio was a present from Peter a couple of years ago for one of the big 0 birthdays. I also love it, listening to the Archers on a Sunday morning x
    Margy - better too much than too little! Next year you will be able to grow some again on your super duper floating garden.