Monday, 24 May 2010

Weekend on the Water

Things have been very busy at work recently, it is lucky that I love my job with the amount of time I seem to have put in recently!  However, I have spent this weekend on the water, which was glorious as the summer seems to have arrived at long last.  The club was hosting a GP14 National weekend and we were hosting this particular event for the first time.  George, along with a lot of other people, have eat, slept and breathed the organisation of the event for the last few weeks, so it was great that it was a really really successful weekend.  We had 26 GP14s racing with competitors from all over the country.  It was quite a sight to see when they were all flying their spinnakers.
The sun shone, the wind came up when required (albeit a little erratically!) and all I had to do was lie in the cockpit of the yacht Moana and write down sail numbers as they crossed the line. It was a tough job, but someone had to do it! Bradwell Outdoors Centre fed everyone and let the competitors camp in their grounds.  Bradwell Quay YC allowed us to get drunk in their bar in the evening and to play our music.  All in all it was great fun and everyone enjoyed themselves.  I think we may be asked to do it again in 2 years time, but I won't be Commodore by then so I can take more of a back seat!

Some of the crew on the committee boat.

Bob and Paul on one of the rescue boats.

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  1. Some watery action at last!! Looks like the conditions were perfect for you.