Monday, 3 May 2010

Poor Pete

Pete decided that he was definitely going to finish grinding the deck out above the bedroom today.  However, first it started to chuck it down with rain and then it stopped.  Then the old grinder gave up the ghost and headed for the great toolbox in the sky.  So off to Screwfix to buy another.  He asked for a 110 amp, got home opened it only to discover they had given him a 240 amp.  Back to Screwfix, got a 110 amp one and when he got home, lo and behold, it did not have a plug on.  By this time the diesel in the van was seriously low and, being a bank holiday, none of the local garages were open.  I suppose the fact that he could not get to Screwfix again today means that the steam coming out of him will hopefully have gone down to a gently simmer tomorrow!!!!!!


  1. Oh my... sounds like he could be mighty cross about that!!! Any further moves with your house? New windows? Back on the market? Cash run out? Spending it all at Screwfix by the sounds of things...

  2. I well understand that frustration!

    Btw, my angle grinder also gave up the ghost (again), but I reckon it's the power chord just needs fixing, as the constant use seems to wear it out, especially near the back of the grinder.

    May want to try that?



  3. Hi Janys, we haven't got anywhere with the house yet, but while it is still cold we are happy to stay where we are. It will be different when the sun starts shining!

    Hi Tim, Pete says thanks for the sympathy and understanding which is more than he gets from me! Unfortunately when the grinder gave up it did it in a blaze of glory with a big bang followed by black smoke and a horrible burning smell.

  4. How weird. I know I wrote a comment for this post, but it's not here...I just wanted to let Pete know he has my utmost sympathy! Boat building can be about as frustrating as it gets!