Friday, 12 May 2017


We have had a busy couple of weeks, lots of paid work for me and unpaid work for Pete (well he is a pensioner now!).  The mast on Carpe Diem has finally gone up today after two years.  It is quite scary to watch but also looks magnificent.  It seems such a shame to sell her, but we have new adventures to go on.

Every morning about 0600, Pete feeds two ducks by throwing suet pellets and mealworms over the side.  The other day he was not feeling too good so got up really late.  The ducks had obviously got fed up with waiting and were on deck, tapping at the back door.  Cheeky little mites!  Before you ask Pete is fine now.  As you can see, we have beautifully wide decks.  This is one of the features that attracted us to the barge in the first place.  They look at bit scruffy now, but we are planning on going over to Bradwell so that the barge can be lifted out, hull and decks shotblasted and painted.  When will depend on selling Carpe Diem as it will not be a cheap job.  We will have her surveyed again at the same time.

One of my new jobs is in Dovercourt, right down on the seafront.  I don't know how I am going to concentrate when my working view is like this.


  1. Me thinks that you will have to be 'blinkered' in order to do your work - er' how do you feel about that and can you post up a photo of you in harness :-) pretty please.

  2. You have a lot of pots on the stove, so to speak. Selling one boat, pulling another out of the water for maintenance, not to mention your allotment and other jobs. I would say you have a view at work that would surely slow my productivity down. I can see me getting in more time daydreaming than work. Looking out at that view, my, my, my, LOL.
    Here's to an early sell on your sailboat.
    Connie :)
    P.S. We sold Gypsy Rose a few weeks ago . . . it was bittersweet.

  3. Had to smile at your story about the ducks : )

    I think I have the comments problem sorted now. Please can I ask you to post a quick comment so that I can check? Thank you!

  4. When we bought our little daysailer we had to have the mast taken down to trailer her to Powell River. After Wayne and I towed her up to the cabin we had to figure out how to put it up ourselves. He stood on deck and I stood on the cabin deck. Between pushing and pulling on line we got her up, but not before it crashing down once. Pretty scary. Hope we don't have to do it ever again. - Margy

  5. Mel - there is not a chance of me getting up that mast! Xxx

    Connie - Shame about Gypsy Rose being sold she was so pretty xxx

  6. Jo - I hope you can now read my comments on your blog, they are showing up now xxx

    Margy - goodness, it must have been scary when it dropped. We couldn't have even lifted our mast,, it took six men to turn it over for varnishing xxx