Monday, 10 April 2017

Spring Break

The weather has been so lovely that we decided to take ourselves off and try out our new tent.  So we headed for Suffolk, which is not too far from home but far enough away to be on holiday.  We acutually read the instructions before we attempted to put the tent up and I have to say, we were pretty impressed with how quickly it went up.

We have really made ourselves at home now.  The new camp kitchen pictured with fruit bowl and kettle, the two essentials of life.  Bunting put up, which Pete objected to and he also drew the line at my fairy lights! New sleeping bags laid out, these are heaven with their brushed cotton liners but I suspect they may be a bit warm in the summer.  Pete forgot the spanner for the gas so the new cooker try out is going to have to wait until we find somewhere that sells the right sized spanner, but we do have the Safari Chef to cook on which is a great multi purpose bit of kit.  This is camping in style, certainly not roughing it.

Today I bought an ordinance survey map of the area so later we are off on our adventures, finding all the little hidden gems.  Will report back soon.

Oh, and I have my holiday reading.  I have read this before and it is a brilliant book, worth reading again.


  1. I hope you have air beds as well!

  2. DC - Haha, absolutely! Getting too old to sleep on the ground xxxx

  3. Here's to sunny weather and marvelous adventures. I'm so happy that the two of you could squeeze in some time for pure fun and pleasure.
    Enjoy and take lots of pictures.
    Connie :)

  4. I presume after having looked at your home from home tent and all that it contains, that you would take to 'Glamping' quite easily too :-)

    You know as a lad I was a regular bivouac guy. Used an old foresail,
    a blanket bag, ground sheet/cape,a billy can kit, an entrenching tool and sheath knife. All fitted nicely in a small rucksack and I was as happy as Larry two nights max and off to the next site.

  5. Connie - I will take plenty of pictures for you xxx

    Mel - I can remember those days of camping too, great fun, but hey, we are all a little older these days ;) xxx

  6. Yes, I suppose we are Fran but I do miss the wildness and freedom plus food cooked on a small wood fire tasted so much nicer.

  7. You are lucky. Our "spring" weather is rainy and cold still. I can't even get my garden planted because of it all. Thanks for the book recommendation. I checked it out and it looks interesting. I bought it for the Kindle which is easier for us to use up at the cabin. We can read in bed after the electricity is turned off in the evenings. - Margy