Saturday, 25 March 2017

Feeling Grateful

Until Wednesday, this week was fairly mundane.  I worked some extra hours (saving for a new polytunnel), I concentrated on healthy eating (you will gather from the pictures below that I love mushrooms!), I did a bit of babysitting (always a pleasure) and we went out for a fabulous dinner with friends to a local Gurkha restaurant.
Then on Wednesday some jumped-up criminal decided to murder several innocent people in London. People going about their everyday lives, who were just looking forward to getting home to their families.  This act of murder was personally very close to home to me, too close.  As soon as I saw what was happening at Westminster, I picked up the phone to check all was okay, thankfully I got an answer.  I feel sick to my stomach that another poor mother/wife didn't get the same answer.  The police, NHS staff and other emergency staff/civilians that rushed towards the danger to help, deserve our utmost respect, they are the heroes of the day.  The names of the victims should be remembered and broadcast, not the murderer, he was a nothing, not worthy of being remembered for anything.
I am upset and angry, but my life carries on.  I am so very thankful that my mundane world was not turned upside down like the families of the victims. I feel very blessed right now.


  1. Good post, it is how we all feel.

  2. I try to not get too down by it otherwise I feel they have won, and they won't, ever!

  3. The tragedy in London does indeed make me wonder about the mental health of he who committed that awful act.
    I do especially empathise with all those who have been injured wether physically or nervously and very much so for the victims families of those who died; one can but hope that they will all receive in depth counselling for their trauma.

  4. I just don't understand the hate that some people must have to do these kinds of things.

    On the other hand, your grandchildren are beautiful. I remember when you were out shopping for hats to wear to graduations and weddings. Look at the blessings those brought into your lives. What is sweeter than a children, especially when it's your grandchildren :)
    Have a sweet weekend.
    Connie :)

  5. Marlene - thank you, it was something I had to say xxx

    DC - no they won't win that is for sure, as Events in the days following have proved xxx

    Mel - I agree with you about the state of the killer's mental health, which is why I would never advocate the return of the death penalty xxx

    Connie - thank you for your lovely compliments about my grandchildren, I do love spending time with them, very precious memories xxx

  6. Fran, I'm late here. i'm so sorry...I was looking after my grandpup and that's my only excuse but I hope you agree it is a worthy one. Th incident in London was horrific. My stepson works right next to the bridge and saw it happen! I am just relieved he wasn't on the bridge as he might have been. I agree about all the selfless souls who rushed to help and am so sad for the families of those who died. Such murderers have lost all empathy and I've heard it said the lack of empathy is the definition of evil. Anyway, your little family is growing apace and aren't they gorgeous! Your meals look fabulous too! I've been considering the vegan route, but am worried about missing cheese too much. It's my one big vice in life apart from peanut butter! Is there a really good vegan cheese?

  7. So many crazy things happening all around the world. - Margy

  8. Val - oh, doggy love is definitely a reason to be late! Your poor stepson, I hope he hasn't been left too traumatised :( Vegan cheese is definitely a thing and like real cheese there is good and awful, my favourite is Tyne Cheese. However, I found it was better to not have any vegan cheese for about three months until my taste buds 'forgot' what proper cheese was like and then I liked the vegan stuff, before that it was horrible xxxx

    Marry - yes, it is beyond normal people's comprehension :(