Friday, 14 August 2015

At Last, A Holiday!

With three boats that all need work, continually working to pay for said three boats, I needed to get Pete away on holiday.  Funds are still very tight until the house is sold so we decided to try camping.  It must be 30 years since either of us went camping, but we are game for most things.  We bought a second hand tent and just a couple of other bits; a second sleeping bag and a one ring gas cooker and off we went.
We are staying in Suffolk, near Aldeburgh at a beautiful campsite run by Sue and Colin.  I knew about the campsite as I am a regular reader of Sue's blog It is a super site and very central to a lot of places to visit, well worth staying at if you are in the area.
We managed to get the tent up and fully unpacked within an hour AND without getting to divorce stage!  We certainly got a bargain with our tent, it's great.  So far we are having great fun and will be doing this lark a bit more often.

Pete finally relaxing and reading a book.  Mission achieved!


  1. What a jolly good idea Fran. Back to nature and living the life; I presume that we might see you over here one day do you think ?

  2. Enjoy your holiday! I love camping but my husband has started thinking that it is a long way to get up from ground level from his bed... : )

  3. Enjoy your break, I'd love to embrace camping and its economic holidaying but it always always rains when I camp :(

  4. Good for you, Fran! I love camping. Just wish Koos did too. But 3 boats? I knew about 2... Enjoy the well earned holiday!! Xxxx

  5. It is so good to hear that you are having a holiday. I just wonder though, if the two of you know how to behave yourselves on dry land, LOL.

  6. We love to tent, especially on our new barge with the quads. It also makes us feel safer in bear country than camping under the trees. - Margy

  7. Mel - Ireland next year, now that's a good idea :) x

    Jo - Pete was the same until lack of funds called for desperate measures! X

    Quirky Bird - we were actually very lucky with the weather :) x

    Val - the third one is a Dory that is looking a little sorry for itself :) x

    Connie - We don't behave anywhere!! Growing old disgracefully :) x

    Margy - luckily we didn't have a problem with bears, only earwigs ;) x