Sunday, 26 October 2014

Poppies at the Tower

We got up early this morning and drove up to London to see the poppies at the Tower of London.  They were certainly worth the visit.  The poppies are absolutely beautiful.  It is quite a stark reminder of the huge amount of people who lost their lives in World War One and is very moving to see.  I was not the only one who was moved to tears.  Such a simple idea but an amazing memorial.

Alfie came too and wore his poppy red collar and lead as a tribute to the fallen.

For my blogger pals that don't know, the poppies are ceramic and each one represents an individual from the UK and Coomonwealth who lost their live in WWI.  The poppies are on sale for £25 each with all the money going to veterans charity.  Once the poppies are removed later in the year, the buyer will get his/her poppy sent to them along with a commemorative certificate.  


  1. Every poppy a life that was lost, taken and destroyed.

    Each poppy represents a terrible amount of pain, suffering coupled by the tremendous grief of their loved ones.

    A terrible ache and still it goes on
    When will we ever learn ?

  2. We are hoping to get up there to see them, it must be very moving. When we went to Ypres I found it shocking to see all the names, it really brought it home to us the loss of life.

  3. Mel - you are so right with your touching words. I don't think man will learn in our lifetime x

    Chickpea - I am hoping to go to Ypres and also tour the battlefields next year with Pete x

  4. It's such a beautiful but moving tribute. I think it really puts in to perspective the huge amount of lives which were lost.

  5. Oh my goodness Fran, this is a real eye opener. Everyone should see this photo. We have no idea of what happens when there is a world war and I am sure that the numbers would be tripled today. My heart swells up just looking at your photo and the many brave souls that are represented there. God bless their heroism.

  6. I so agree with Mel. Why oh why? This must have been immensely moving to see, Fran. I just wish we could learn that agreeing to take part in wars can only lead to pain, suffering and loss. If all the brave people who have to do the actual fighting simply refused - whichever side they are on, then those who engineer the wars would be powerless.

  7. A friend of mine has been to London to see the poppies and she has also said how moving it was to see them.

    How is your new job going?

  8. I had heard about this but it is so moving to see.
    Agree with Val and Mel's sentiments - such a waste
    of life.

  9. Jo - you are right about putting things in perspective, it really makes one think about how lucky we are xxx

    Connie - and most of them were so young, it is a very powerful image xxx

    Val - that would be a wonderful way to solve the problems, but unfortunately there are too many issues that people are prepared to take up arms for :( xxx

    Jo - I am loving my new job thank you. I am working from home a lot of the time which is great. I have soooo much more freedom and flexibility xxxx

    Jane - it is always the innocent that suffer. When I see pictures of children in war torn zones, I just want to gather them up and give them safety and security xxx

  10. I'd read about it and how the poppies were all put in place. Such a horrible loss of life. It really brings it into view. And war still goes on. - Margy

  11. I am sorry not to have managed to get up to London to see this amazing sight. Love the way Alfie wore his res collar! Sarah x