Friday, 5 September 2014


Okay, I felt so bad that I couldn't wait until Sunday and besides I will want to show off some wedding pictures then (and yes Connie I will include the hat!), so here goes.....

Ib - my new job is going great thank you, no stress and lots of freedom. Oh and it is actually illegal to harvest the samphire to sell, but good idea!

Margy - we will be installing a ship's wheel with hydraulic steering gear.  The boat made its own 'hole' within a couple of days and always goes back down flat.  It was initially one of our concerns but all has worked out well.

Mel - there are plenty of grey mullet swimming around.  The recipe Pete was given is; clean and gut the mullet, lay on silver foil with thyme, rosemary and a house brick, wrap and bake for half hour.  Open silver foil, throw away fish and suck house brick, it has a better taste than the fish!  Don't know really how true this is but Pete has never bothered trying!

Margy, Connie and Jo - the samphire has a very salty taste, but perhaps Chickpea could give me a recipe that might make me change my mind?

DC - shame I cannot call myself flat bottomed!

Val - we have a spare bed now if you want to experience the mudflats for real xxx


  1. Hi Fran, I have only eaten samphire in restaurants, so I think they just steamed it, I liked the saltiness :)

  2. Well if the if the mullet are anything like the pollack that I cooked, tasted and gave to the cats few weeks ago then a brick
    smothered in tomato sauce would have been my better option too :-(

  3. I'll be over as soon as my Masters is finished, Fran! I'd LOVE to come and experience them! By the way, your poo bin is brilliant! I still don't have my eco loo but I'm planning on getting it early next year.

  4. Chickpea - I don't cook with salt, so samphire is just too salty for me xxx

    Mel - lol, I don't know that Pete has ever had pollack xxx

    Val - I will clean the spare duvet so it is ready and waiting. Good luck finishing you Masters. Xxx

  5. Hi Fran !
    Illegal to harvest the samphire ?
    What the he.... They sell it
    in resturants as part in Food !

  6. Ib - sorry I meant it is illegal to harvest from wild growing areas to sell on. You can harvest some for yourself but that's it xxx