Sunday, 10 August 2014

Windows and Weather

Poor Pete, he is trying to finish the windows for the wheelhouse as the glass is arriving during the week.  He has made the actual frames and is now sanding them down and filling.  Unfortunately the weather isn't playing the game and he is having to sand them down indoors.  Lovely, sawdust everywhere!  I have closed the door to below decks, but every time it is opened there is a whoosh of sawdust, it gets in EVERYWHERE!!!  But, I am not really complaining as I cannot wait to be able to use the wheelhouse.  It will house a couple of large bunks for seating/sleeping and my big table for entertaining.  There will be a large chart table (over the water tank) and eventually the ship's wheel which will control the hydraulic steering.  It has windows all round so will have the most amazing panoramic view of the marshes, Mersea Island, sea wall, other boats and barges.  I am sure that we will use this area more than any other.  So carry on Pete, I don't mind a bit of dust and I will keep the cups of tea coming x


  1. You get the same problem sanding indoors then trying to paint!

  2. Hello Fran,
    Yes, one has to look on the bright side.....the end result.

    As you say, the wheelhouse will be a great addition and so putting up with the sawdust is a small hardship. It looks from the picture as if things really are taking shape. How exciting!

  3. Good Morning Fran, (well, it is morning here, LOL) Look at you , two posts in two days . . . way to go girlfriend!
    Your wheelhouse is going to be wonderful. I can only imagine the marvelous views and with Pete's woodworking talents, oh my . . . I'm getting excited and can't wait to see the finished room. You are going to have so many delightful dinner party's there. I hate sawdust, too . . . but it will be so worth it in the end. Here's wishing you and Pete some sunshine and better weather for finishing this venture.
    Have a happy day.
    Connie :)
    P.S. and don't forget that I want to see that new hat when you buy it:)

  4. I didn't wear a hat to our family weddings. The only hat I ever wear is a woolly hat if it is very sub-zero so I didn't want to start with a wedding hat. I would have felt very awkward. But I'm looking forward to seeing a picture of yours : )

  5. How lovely it will be Fran! I wish I was half as talented as Pete with woodwork! I've just retored my rooflight window, but it still feels like an amateur job compared with what Pete does! And dust? Well, it's annoying but temporary - as you say! xxx

  6. Yes ! Isn`t it Lovely to have sawdust everywhere ?

  7. How exciting! Looking forward to seeing the end result :)

  8. DC - believe me, I know! Xxx

    Jane - it is getting there, I just have to be patient xxx

    Connie - I promise you there will be photos of hats xxx

    Jo - I wear a hat as mother of the groom, but don't to other peoples weddings. As you say, woollen hats are my limits xxx

    Val - at least the sawdust will be useful in the compost toilet. I bet your roof light is really lovely xxx

    In - typical bloke reply! But it does mean the work is getting done xxx

    Chickpea - there will be lots of pictures, I promise xxx

  9. Hi Fran -:)!
    The work is getting done ,
    That´s Important !

    By the way, How is Your "new" work going ?

  10. Once the barge is done do you plan to take it on cruises, or is the steering system and power a requirement because it is a vessel? - Margy

  11. Thanks for the invitation to your blog. I find it very comforting to find someone else living in a construction zone surrounded by tools, sawdust, wood, paint, glue, welding rods, sheets of steel, and MORE. We seem to be taking forever to complete our refit but the delicious diversions we are prone to are wonderful. I'm looking foward to reading more!
    Best wishes,
    Carole Grant