Friday, 4 July 2014

Help Please

Okay I wanted duck egg blue gel coat and I got a baby blue instead, which apparently couldn't be taken back (don't ask I won't bore you with the domestic issue!). My dilemma now is what colour to put with it.  I'm thinking a really deep, rich red, but I don't want it to end up looking like we're Westham fans.  Any ideas or suggestions?

Today we got a gift from mum and dad, a lovely table and chair set.  Doesn't it look lovely on what we affectionately call the patio.


  1. I'm not very good at putting colours together but what about another pastel colour? A lemon might look nice. Perhaps not, too wishy washy.

  2. I have taken your question Mrs H
    and she says if you want a red then go more for terracotta, brick red or coral perhaps.

  3. I'm not sure about colour matching, but I love a maroon and gray combination. Not sure what that would look like with your blue.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. We've been at the cabin so much, it is hard to write posts, answer comments and visit all my friends during our short town visits. Today is catch up day finally. - Margy

  4. That blue is quite normal on Dutch barges, but I can see it doesn't quite go with the sides of your cabin. I think I might agree with Mel here. Love the table and chairs on your gorgeous walkway!

  5. Hello Fran,

    Well, the table and chairs look very good indeed. They are really pretty and will be perfect for a little al fresco dining on terra firma.

    As for the blue, well, perhaps teamed with a lemony yellow. That combination always worked well in the garden, 'shot through' as we would say with a deep plum.

  6. Hi Fran . . . I think that red sounds great, or you could go the other way and use green. Green and blue are very nautical colors and look great together.
    Keep Smiling!
    Connie :)

  7. Hi is opposite blue on the color about a really soft tangerine or coral color...nice and feminine ya' know.



  8. Jo - I like the idea of lemon but I think it would get dirty too quickly xxx

    Mel - we think we are going to go for a brick red, so thank Mrs H for me xxx

    Marge - would love maroon, but it is associated with a rival football team, so Pete wouldn't entertain the idea! Xxx

    Val - it actually feels very civilised to sit on the patio with a drink and watch our watery world go by! Xxx

    Jane and Lance - lemon would be lovely but so hard to keep clean (I like to keep cleaning to a minimum!). I will have to have a look at the plum colours xxx

    Connie - Pete suggested green (like minded) but our yacht is green and I wanted something different this time xxx

    Jo - I really like the idea of coral but Pete said no - too feminine - I really don't know why he thinks he should have a say!!! Xxx