Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Sunlight and Stars

My lovely blogger pal, Val, from Waterways is going to think that I am posting this just to make her a tiny bit jealous, but honestly Val I'm not!  This is our new hatch and the difference that having it in to the light and air is wonderful.  We can actually see that the sun is shining and even when we are down below, we can still feel part of the summer.  The other bonus is that we can also see the stars.  We do not have any light pollution around here, and the night sky is so beautiful.  Pete is talking about getting a telescope to do a bit of star gazing.  On the technical side for Mel, it has a wind up opener, but the whole dome can be lifted off to enable us to use the full hatch.  It is also triple glazed, so should keep us snug in the winter and the glass does something clever with keeping in/letting out heat.  For me, it means I can sit in the snug without feeling confined because of the artificial lights and I now am waiting for it to rain, to watch the raindrops bounce off the window.


  1. Oooh, I love it, Fran! What a wonderful idea to have it domed! I can't help it...I am jealous, but also very glad for you that yu have such lovely light!

  2. What a wonderful way to do a spot of stargazing!

  3. 2nd attempt to make a comment gr'rr!

    Fran the triple glazed hatch looks wonderful I am sure it will give all year round benefit.
    Actually all similar roof lights that I saw previously were circular, this one being rectangular is far more practical & very handy that it is also a hatch.

  4. How nice not to have light pollution at night. We have two street lights near us which are annoying as our local council doesn't switch them off at night. However, most clear nights we can still see lots of stars.

  5. Fabulous. Mick has a telescope but it's rather useless as there's too much light pollution around here, but you won't have that problem. I bet it's wonderful watching all the different weather through it.

  6. That looks so lovely. And you are quite right in that a little natural light makes such a difference. you have a very clever hubby : )

  7. Val - I thought you would appreciate the wonderfulness of the light. And I love the dome xxx

    Thrift deluxe - it is very romantic xxx

    Mel - I do the style, Pete does the practical - he definitely wanted rectangular which is why it took so long to source xxx

    DC - I'm amazed, street lights are being turned off everywhere, sometimes to the detriment of the area - see what's happening in Colchester at the moment xxx

    Jo - I love watching the clouds changing from gentle to quite dramatic, never the same view xxxx

    Jo - shhh, don't tell Pete that, he'll get big headed! Seriously I do appreciate him xxx

  8. Boats (and barges) just aren't made to have nice big windows to open. You new hatch make a perfect solution. We just got a barge of our own, but it much different from yours. Ours is a flat bed aluminum barge with ramps so we can take our quads around the lake to ride on logging roads. It will also be helpful to carry large items to the cabin with relative ease. I think our two vessels are alike in name only though. - Margy