Saturday, 17 May 2014

A New Chapter

The last few months have been very hard and extremely stressful due to work.  At one point I didn't know whether I had a job or not, then it turned out I did, sort of.  I have been running the Education Centre for the last year (actually longer, but we won't go in to that one here) but now they are about to advertise for an official manager.  It used to be a military post but is now going to be a civilian post, but in typical military/civil service fashion, there has been absolutely no thought or planning as to how this is going to work.

They asked me to apply but it meant at least a £4k per year pay cut (maybe £10k!), it mucked up my pension so instead of retiring at 60 I would get my pension at 65, I would lose some of my leave and other T & Cs were considerably worse.  The new job is actually at the same grade as I am now, but I have been told that the new person will be superior to me, although I will be expected to train them up and pass on my 9 years of corporate knowledge.  All this and I should be happy to play second in command.  WHAT the F.....!!!!  What sort of organisation works this way?  Why would anyone expect me to take on the role under those circumstances and when I don't they effectively demote me.

I have spent the last year being back stabbed by various military personnel who hold very definite ideas about civvies being equivalent to something they have trodden in.  Where does this military arrogance come from?   A lot of the officers/Sgt Majors I have met wouldn't stand a chance in real life.  Their man management skills seriously leave a lot to be desired and if they ran a private company it would very quickly go out of business. I have gone from absolutely loving my job, to dreading going in every day, purely down to very bad management.

But there comes a time when enough is enough.  I have given a month's notice and the relief is unbelievable.  When I first made the decision I felt relieved but then the last six month's of sleepless nights hit me and I slept for England.  I cannot believe how well I feel.  I also cannot believe how unwell I have felt for a seriously long time and how it was all obviously down to stress.  Now they will have to advertise for a Manager and another one of me. There is a certain satisfaction that I am leaving them in a bit of a sticky predicament, but hey, they really didn't care one hoot about me.   I will be sorry to leave the young soldiers/sailors and airmen who I have been responsible for and I have made some very good friends among both the civilian staff and military staff, but it is time for a new chapter in my life and as soon as things are confirmed I will bring you up to date.


  1. Ha, been there, whilst hubby was stationed in Germany. Exactly the same treatment, especially from the mini generals (Sgt's). I quit a job because I had secret clearance in it and had to lock up a secure cabinet at night, which I always did. It was amazing how often in the morning it was unlocked and blamed on me. Another time, as an RAF wife working on an Army base, other similar things happened. They know they can't work effectively without civilians, but boy, do they make it hard work. Like you say, are they going to get a big shock in 'real' life.

    Well done on giving in your notice.

  2. DC - it's almost a form of 'bullying' isn't it. If they did it to another serviceman they would be up on a charge. You are right they couldn't work without the civvies, they just don't appreciate that xxxx

  3. I'm sorry to hear that you've been in such trouble. I'm also pleased that you were brave enough to do something about it. I really do hope that everything will work out for you and that this next period in your life will be a lot easier. Take care of yourself while you recover xx

  4. Oh Dear, what a bunch of crappers
    they are ! Peronally, I wouldn´t
    train them up in any circomstance ! I was in the same situation Before I bought my ship,
    and thereafter the relife come !
    It is Heavy bullying ! In Sweden anyway. The crappers are low educated and can´t deal that You,
    have ten times the brain Power.
    Think that´s why bullying always
    starts, always from the top, from
    bosses with less education and

  5. Jo - thanks Jo, I feel really well and alive, it's amazing. Everyone says I am glowing, this is just the best decision I have ever made xxx

    In - lovely to hear from you and you are right, I won't be training anyone up. It is lovely to come home to the boat, there is always such a sense of peace. Bullying definitely starts at the top and unfortunately works it's way down :( xxx

  6. I think that there is a lot of similar organisations where this would be familiar unfortunately.

    I'm glad you feel so much better now that you have decided to quit. I am feeling quite frustrated at the moment and will like you follow your example! Sarah x

  7. Sarah - go for it, we shouldn't have to put up with this rubbish, you will feel so much better xxx

  8. Fran you have done exactly the right thing by handing in your notice.
    For nobody must ever take Sh1t from anybody, always stand your ground.

  9. Sarah! Go for it as Fran says.
    Tip of the Day:

    You only need to move, NOW

  10. I think we can put up with things for far too long but then something happens to break the camels back. This is probably the push you needed and everything will work out for the best. I was in a similar situation, I handed in my notice four years ago and couldn't have been happier. Good luck with everything.

  11. Oh Fran, I am sorry to hear this but I think you have made the right decision. I was in a similar situation last year and the day I left was just the best feeling ever. Good Luck with whatever you decide to do next xx

  12. Sarah - I think you should listen to all of us!

    Ib - I love your tip of the day!

    Jo and Karen - thank you for your support and I am so glad it worked out so well for both of you xxxx

  13. They ate terrible. Am not a military fan now I have first hand experience. Flagrant waste of taxpayers money is disgusting.